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Different Types of Cranes Used in Building Projects

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There are several commercial and residential construction opportunities. If you want to be a contractor, you need to have the proper training, certification, and experience to be competitive. You also need to be familiar with the building regulations, including getting a building warrant. After that, it’s GETTING permission to do the building project, ensuring its legality. Besides the legal requirements and paperwork, you must also invest in equipment.

There are various equipment or machines to use in construction, and one of the most common is a crane. You can get your cranes needs from trusted companies like PM Cranes. Below are the different types of cranes that you can use in your projects.

Carry deck cranes

These cranes are small, and they are the descendants of the pick and carry cranes. Because of their size, they are famous for construction sites with tight spaces. They are convenient to move around due to their portability. In addition, it can make a full rotation, which adds convenience.

Tower cranes

For tall structures, tower cranes are a must. The concrete base holds the entire equipment. It has a tower that extends vertically to the top, where the cab and the crane itself rests. You can move the crane horizontally using the controls in the cab. If you construct high-rise buildings, tower cranes will let you work on the higher parts.

Crawler cranes

Crawler cranes are great options if working in muddy sites or soft ground. The undercarriage where the crane is attached has rubber tracks, which keep it from sinking. However, since it doesn’t have wheels, moving and turning can be more challenging than the other crane types. It also takes more time to assemble and is also bulky, making carrying it from one place to another more difficult. But it lets you attach a telescopic arm, which makes the crane longer.

Telescopic cranes

These cranes got their name from telescopes. You can adjust their arms and extend them just like you would a telescope, making them flexible. It’s fixed equipment, but you can mount it on a truck or machine to move from one location to another. Besides construction projects, these cranes are also often used for rescue operations since they can extend their arms.

Rough terrain cranes

As the name suggests, these cranes are perfect for rough terrains. Instead of the usual wheels, it has bigger wheels similar to four-wheel drives. It makes manoeuvring on rugged roads or grounds easier because of their stability and strength. It also has telescopic arms, so you can conveniently change its length.

Bulk-handling cranes

The name of the cranes also implies their use. They are for moving bulky things from one place to another. While most cranes have hooks on their end, they have mechanisms for grabbing materials.

Truck-mounted cranes

These cranes are mounted on trucks, making them easier to move on the road. They can also carry heavy loads.

Determine which of these cranes you need based on your project. The right crane will ensure that it does the job conveniently.

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