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Discover if you are eligible to claim tax back for washing your uniform

When your employer requires you to wear a uniform to perform your job, then it is okay to claim any cost including washing the uniform against your taxes and get that amount back. There are some stipulations you should be aware of as it will depend on your particular position and how the uniform was paid for.

Check To See If You Are Eligible Before Filing A Claim Against Your Taxes

It will be necessary for you to comply with a number of criteria whenever you want to claim the expense of washing your uniform in order to get the amount refunded from your taxes. To begin, it is necessary that it is distinctly and clearly a work uniform. This could include speciality clothing or clothing worn to protect you from the conditions of your work. If your company requires that you wear a white shirt to work it is not distinct enough to claim as a uniform but if you are required to have it embroidered with the company logo then it would meet the requirements of a uniform.

If the uniform is a requirement for employment and the employer does not give you any allowance or bonus to help cover the cost of the uniform, or it’s maintenance or washing, then this would be a case where it is something that can be claimed against your taxes. It goes without saying that the only way you can file it as a claim against your taxes is if you have paid taxes during that year. If not then there’s nothing to claim against.

What Type Of Clothing Is Considered Eligible?

Any clothing that is protective in nature against conditions at work, any speciality clothing, or a uniform that is clearly for work and is required will meet the requirements of a uniform and the cost of that uniform along with any maintenance required and washing can all be claimed on taxes. The clothes should be something that would be readily understood as work clothes even if you were to wear them outside of work according to Tax Returned. This could include branded t-shirts or other clothing that clearly indicate the name of the company or the service or work that is being done.

It is common for some companies to offer a branded shirt which can be included in a claim against taxes whereas trousers that are purchased to match the branded shirt but is not branded itself would not meet the requirements necessary to file against taxes. This is clothing that could clearly be worn outside of work and would not be recognized as something necessary for the job.

How Do You Make A Claim?

All you need to do is to fill out a P87 form which you can find on the website at HMRC. Another way is to print out a hard copy and then send it through the post office. In that case, all you need to do is fill in all your details and print it out and then send it through the post office to the address that is provided.

How Much Can You Claim?

In most cases, there will be a flat annual rate in the amount of £60. This will mean that you will get 20% of that back which equals £12. In the case that you pay 40% tax then the claim will amount to £24. There are certain cases where some individuals will be able to claim over the standard percentages. These special situations help to accommodate the fact that there are more significant wear and tear and it is necessary to clean the uniform more often. These might include jobs such as ironworkers and blacksmiths as well as builders and other trades.

If you were unaware that you could make these claims you can do so for up to four years in the past. You will generally be due to a rebate when your taxes are adjusted. This will also help you to pay less tax going into the future.

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