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Do Dentists Offer Cosmetic Treatments?

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Everyone knows that the dentist is the go-to person for problems related to teeth and gums. Indeed, even kids know that they need to see the dentist to have their teeth cleaned or fixed when they have cavities. But that’s not all that dental practitioners and specialists can do. If you’re a dentist, you can offer other services like teeth whitening, orthodontics, and placing dental crowns and implants in patients. Clear braces and aligners recommended by a Calgary orthodontist are also becoming popular and are much preferred nowadays. Although these procedures are more directed at improving a person’s bite and smile, they’re still primarily related to dental structures and oral health. Cosmetic dental treatment can be expensive, but top dentists such as Frazer Dental offer cosmetic dentistry in a more affordable price range.

That said, did you know that as a dentist, you can now also offer cosmetic treatments aimed at rejuvenating facial skin and appearance? You’ve read that right. Dentists can take care of their patients’ cosmetic makeovers via procedures and enhancements that have nothing to do with teeth and gums. 

Modern dental practitioners can perform procedures that are commonly associated with cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists. Along with good dental practice management, offering or specializing in aesthetic dentistry can help you grow your practice and broaden your horizons as a dentist. 

Here are some frequently asked questions about dentists offering cosmetic treatments.

Why Should Patients Choose Dentists For Cosmetic Treatments?

Unknown to many people, dentists have the expertise needed for successful procedures geared towards enhancing patients’ facial appearance. The following reasons give dentists an upper hand when it comes to cosmetic treatments:

Experienced In Many Procedures Done On the Face

As a dentist, you’re familiar with problems and treatments arising inside the oral cavity and those associated with the face in general. You perform procedures for all types of complications in the area. So, carrying out cosmetic treatments would not be new for you.

That said, you may need to take up additional Botox courses if you are to use that drug on your patients. Your deep understanding of what goes on in the facial anatomy makes you perfectly qualified to perform procedures like lip fillers and wrinkle treatments.

Specialists In Head or Facial Anatomy

If you think that dentists should only focus on teeth and gums, or the patient’s overall oral health, think again. Dentists are highly trained in medical sciences. If you’re a dentist, you know firsthand that one will undergo extensive training in anatomy, particularly in the areas around the face and neck, before one can practice the profession. 

Hence, you can provide a credible examination, advice, and treatment for anything that concerns the face or head areas. These include the use of drugs like Botox in dentistry for functional or aesthetic dental conditions. 

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What Cosmetic Services Can Dentists Provide?  

Dentists can undergo additional training in facial aesthetics to become comprehensive dental practitioners. Here are two examples of the most common aesthetic procedures that dentists can provide their patients. 

  • Botox Injection – this procedure involves directly injecting a neurotoxic protein called Botox into facial muscles to prevent wrinkles from developing. By cutting back or controlling muscle movements, the treated area will have a smoother, rejuvenated look.
  • Dermal Filler – this cosmetic treatment aims to replace the collagen and fat in the face. These tissues typically shrink or disappear as people age, causing facial lines to develop and the lips to become thin. Dermal fillers can bring back youthful skin in patients.

Is Botox Safe When Applied By Dentists?

Botox is a type of neurotoxic substance. Thus, it carries some health risks like numbness in the face or even vision loss. But when applied by certified and experienced professionals like dentists, those risks are minimized, if not eliminated. 

What Other Dental Problems Can Aesthetic Dentistry Solve?

Aesthetic dentistry can help patients rejuvenate the skin on their face, particularly when Botox is used. But besides improving the appearance and making people look younger, this type of dental service can also provide therapeutic solutions that are more than just skin deep. For instance, Botox can help against pain caused by migraines and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders.

Patients recovering from invasive dental treatments or orthodontic procedures can also use Botox to limit muscle movements in the affected areas to hasten the healing process.


Dentists can offer more than just the usual treatments for teeth and gums. Besides helping patients maintain good oral health, dental practitioners like you can also perform procedures that aim to rejuvenate and improve skin appearance on the patients’ faces. By taking up additional training or courses, dentists can add aesthetic treatments to their expertise.

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