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4 most popular cosmetic surgical procedures in the world

Plastic surgery is growing more popular day by day with millions of surgical procedures performed every year in the world. You can conclude the popularity of these procedures with the fact that in this last year, the demand for cosmetic surgical procedures has grown by 89% and the demand for surgical headlights has grown by over 75%. Women are not the only one having these cosmetic surgeries, and men are equally contributing. They both have made these surgeries famous mentioned below in this article. To learn about them, continue reading!

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Breast Augmentation

It will not be incorrect to say that breast augmentation surgery has become a kind of trend. In 2017, we experienced an upsurge in this cosmetic surgery procedure, and over 300,378 breast augmentation surgeries were performed in the same year. It is probably because most women are not happy with how their boobs look. In this surgery, women select the size and type of breast implants according to their requirements. These implants are inserted into the body with the help of surgery to make the breasts look larger than before. However, it is essential to know that not all women choose to get this procedure done because they want a bigger bust. Many undergo this procedure because of other medical reasons as well. If you know someone interested in getting this procedure no matter what the reason is, then Breast implants in Sydney By Dr Eddy Dona can really help.


You must be familiar with the term nose job, which is the most-recognized name used for the rhinoplasty. According to the report, from Aestheticon over 218,924 rhinoplasties were performed. In this digital world, social media has made everyone conscious about how they look, and there is no denying that beauty standards have changed a lot. Most people are not happy with their natural nose shape, while many get this procedure done after they suffer any nose injury. This nose reshaping surgery not only allows people to feel good about how they look but also is an effective way to treat breathing problems.


Botox is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure that is not going anywhere anytime soon. You’ll be surprised to learn that more than 6 million Botox treatments are administered every year. This surgery was made popular by Kylie Jenner, the youngest billionaire in the world. After she got this surgery, the demand for this cosmetic surgery was increased. Today, people who don’t like their small lips, opt for this surgery to achieve bigger and fuller lips. In addition to making lips look fuller than before, Botox is also famous for removing fine lines, wrinkles, and adding back lost volume to the specific areas of the face.  

Tummy Tuck

Who doesn’t want a flat stomach? Everybody does! Belly fat is that one problem that every other person is facing. In 2017, tummy tuck joined the list of the most popular cosmetic surgical procedures and all for good reasons. Ever since this procedure has held its ground. In fact, more and more people seem to be interested in this surgical treatment. When performed, this surgery helps in removing the excess fat and skin from the abdominal area. It is incredibly popular because there are no other methods that can guarantee such dramatic results in such a short time.

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