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Dubai marina the hotspot to refresh and rejuvenate

We all live in a constant circle of waking up, going to work, coming back, sleeping, and following the same cycle the following day. After a prolonged period of following the same monotonous routine, our soul years to break off and go for a vacation. There are a ton of cool vacation spots around the world. Speaking of recent times, the city of Dubai has emerged as a tourist hotspot. In the initial days, the economy of Dubai was completely dependent on oil; however, now oil accounts for simply 2% of Dubai’s GDP. Tourism has become one of the major revenue-generating industries of Dubai apart from retail and wholesale. People of all ages have something to look forward to in Dubai. During your vacation to Dubai, you must not miss visiting the Dubai Marina that has a ton of fun-filled activities to offer. In this post, we are going to tell you about the major activities that Dubai Marina has for you.

  • Marine Sightseeing

The Yellow Boats Tour on Dubai Marina presents you with a fantastic opportunity to witness the fantastic marine life of Dubai on a marine sightseeing tour. You can capture mind-blowing views of Dubai Marina and Palm Jumeirah.

We guarantee the photographs that you will capture will be a total experience in themselves.

  • Hop on a bicycle

You can get some cardiovascular exercise and simultaneously explore the area of Dubai Marina. Get a bicycle and start exploring every corner. You can spot some cool hidden cafes in the area. You will have cycle tracks on the road to ride your bike.

Blue colored bicycles can be easily spotted on the streets. Just call on the number present on the bicycle and the same will get unlocked. The price range starts from as low as AED 15. There is no other better way to lose yourself in the spirit of the Dubai Marina.

  • Catch Some Fish

Apart from Marine Sightseeing Tours, Dubai Marina provides Deep Sea Fishing tours as well. You can spot fishing tour boats on the Dubai Marina coastline. Make sure you have prior reservations for the same. Please note that you have to release the fish in the sea after catching it.

  • Dhow Dinner Cruise

Undertaking a Dinner Cruise Dubai Marina is a must if you are looking to spend some good time with your partner or friends.

Dhow is the traditional fishing boats of Dubai. However, with the advancement of boats, the Dhow lost its relevance. The entrepreneurs took this as a wonderful opportunity and refurbished the Dhow into a floating restaurant serving mouth-watering food.

Hence, you can enjoy dinner while sailing on the sea. It is needless to say over here that the view is awesome. The Dhow Dinner Cruise also has live events that include dancing and singing. Prices start from 130 AED per person. The Dhow Dinner Cruise is perfect for calming and soothing your senses. You can enjoy a perfect candlelight dinner with your partner on a dhow dinner cruise and rekindle your love for each other.

  • Tap your Adventurous Side with Water Sports

Head over to Sea breeze at Beach JBR where you can undertake jet skiing or flyboarding. A watercraft named Sea Breacher is famous for its speed of 80 km/hour on the water. It literally flies over the water and is worth experiencing.

  • Become a Superman with Xline Dubai

Xline Dubai is a zip line running from Amwaj Towers in JBR to the terrace of Dubai Marina Mall. You get in a superman style harness and zip across to the other side. This is the world’s longest urban zip line. It is not for the faint-hearted as you can touch speeds up to 80 km/hour while zipping across. So, if you want to get some adrenaline kicking in, definitely go for the Xline Dubai at Dubai Marina.

  • Yacht Parties

The fun and entertainment that you can experience in Dubai Marina are limitless. If you are in a party mood, you can indulge in yacht parties like the kind you see in movies. There is a mega Friday yacht brunch on the Lotus where you can experience the delicious food, water pools, and crazy dancing.

  • Reclaim your Fitness Levels

Slogging away on the desk all day long impacts our fitness levels. However, when on vacation the things can get much worse if we don’t care. But, the city of Dubai doesn’t want you to do that. Dubai Marina has a wonderful Street Workout Park. It is a kind of an open-air gym with all the primary fitness equipment like bench press, weights, and pull up bars.

You will see a good number of people exercising in the workout park, which is enough to spark your passion and motivation. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your workout attire and enjoy working out in open-air on cool music beats in the workout park at Dubai Marina.

Final Words – Lose Yourself in the Excitement Filled Atmosphere of Dubai Marina

These were some of the primary activities that you can enjoy in Dubai Marina. Please note that the list is not limited to the activities mentioned above. So, plan your visit to the marvelous city of Dubai well-in-advance. Prepare a cool itinerary and make sure you don’t miss anything on your experience of a lifetime. For most of the activities, a prior reservation is necessary. Hence, make sure you have one in order to not get disappointed at the venue.

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