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Things you need to know about Eames chairs

Charles and Ray Eames married in 1941. The Eames couple comes up with an idea of making a chair with molded plywood in 1946. The design was really impressive and become very famous. Even people who do not know about them still relaxed on Eames Chairs at a hotel, airport or office. Their creation is still used after a century later. The couple does not have the idea that their products will last for a century. In this article, we will explore the different Eames designs.

Eames Shell Chair

Eames Chairs were the first production, but now there are many other designs like Eames Shell Chair. At the start, it was made using plywood and fiberglass but now it is made using maple, white ash, walnut, and ebony. Fiberglass is an eco-friendly material and the best choice. These chairs are available in different fabrics and colors in the market.

You can take these Eames Chairs and put them around a compact table or dining table. But if you want to just relax, then you can put it in the corner of your room.

Eames Chairs with Bikini Pad

People do not think that wires can not be used to make comfortable and high-quality chairs. However, the Eames proved that these wires can be covered with bikini cover or a leather sling on the back of the chair. This version of furniture is also available in a variety of colors. This chair is a perfect match for your desk, vanity or dining table.

Eames Aluminum Group Chair

This chair was meant for the outdoors but it can also be put in the indoors. The production of this type first began in 1958. It is a very comfortable chair with functionality which makes it a perfect addition to your office or at any desk in the office.

Eames Molded Plywood Dining Chair

We mentioned above that the first Eames chair was created back in 1946. This chair consists of the seat and back of molded plywood. Seat and back were held together with metal rods. Moreover, these metal rods also work as legs. The design was so unique that time magazine claimed it the best design of the 20th century. It is a great dining chair which can be used in your living room too.

Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman

It was no doubt a great luxury design of the 20th century and still popular in the 21st century. It provides both comfort and support to the person who sits on it. Another amazing thing is these chairs are made by hand and consist of seven layers of plywood which are glued together. Due to its great comfort, it is a perfect fit for the outdoors, living room and library.

Eames Coffee Tables

Like all of the other Eames chairs, this table is also made using molded plywood. It is a nice round coffee table for outdoors. However, you can swap this Eames Coffee table with an elliptical surf table. You can put this nice table in front of the sofa for some style and functionality.

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