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Everything you need to know about Parquet flooring

Parquet flooring is currently in trend. It is becoming an alternative to ceramic floors. It is made of several clusters of wood that are compacted through a process in such a way as to form a thin slab or board which is then ready to be attached to the concrete floor. Basically, parquet consists of solid wood which is 100% real wood such as teak or processed parquet which is often referred to as engineered wood. Usually, solid wood parquet costs more than processed parquet, but you can adjust your budget before deciding to use one of them as an alternative to parquet flooring. Here is everything you should know about parquet flooring

  1. Appealing texture and appearance

You may not have thought before that parquet floors look so elegant and comfortable because they have a sophisticated appearance that can be adapted to your lifestyle. This parquet floor looks so charming makes anyone feel at home to linger on this parquet floor. The wood grain on the parquet flooring looks natural and provides comfort for anyone who sees it. The warm parquet wood aura adds to the intimacy of family members. This is the right choice for those who like a natural and elegant appearance with wooden pieces arranged in a way according to your preference.

  1. Quick and easy to make it clean

Another advantage of parquet flooring is that it is easy to clean. It doesn’t take much to do. Cleanliness is indeed the main thing, and parquet floors do not require a lot of effort to clean them, with just a little wiping the parquet flooring looks clean again as before. In addition, regular mopping and daily sweeping will help keep it clean so they are protected from dust and dirt. More surprisingly, it does not hold dust and dirt or stubborn stains so they do not absorb odors so that the floor is always fresh and healthy.

  1. Long lasting

Parquet flooring is classified as very durable and long lasting, it even looks good and stunning. It is suitable for daily activities with a fairly long-life duration, making it a smart alternative with an impressive appearance. You might receive compliments from people who see it as it has the perfect and artistic look. The interior of your house might look different with parquet flooring

  1. Affordable and customized-budget friendly

This is very important when deciding to use parquet flooring in the interior of your home. The very affordable price is the main reason for this parquet flooring. You can adjust to the budget with a variety of types of wood used as well as the pattern of parquet floors that you want.

There are many benefits of using parquet flooring for those of you who care about the beauty of natural wood which gives a beautiful and clean effect to anyone who sees it. So, why don’t you choose parquet flooring as an alternative for your home? 

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