Financial information in decision making


Introduction CIMA is the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants. It supports over 164,000 members and students in 161 countries.  CIMA works with some of the world”s leading businesses and provides a professional qualification in management accounting.  Management accounting plays a vital role in a business. Management accountants look forward and use financial information to help a business make key decisions about its future. This demonstrates the value of the qualification in supporting business. CIMA’s qualification is the leading management accounting qualification in the world. CIMA-qualified members work in both the public sector and private sector, in commercial and not-for-profit organisations. CIMA updates its qualifications regularly to take account of the changing needs of employers, students, managers and businesses. CIMA stakeholders include its own students, qualified members and major employers. It supports students and members through all stages of their careers, with a focus on lifelong learning. CIMA works to maintain the highest standards that businesses want. Its training provides CIMA members with the necessary skills to manage some of the world”s most successful businesses. CIMA members may lead the finance function in any organisation or work in roles outside finance. They have roles in top management leading companies like Norwich…

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