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Five lucrative careers in online gambling that don’t require betting

The casino industry is thriving. With the legalization of online casinos in various countries across the globe and the investment made in technology for both entertainment and security, casinos are here to stay.  

When you look out for jobs, you don’t often consider casinos as a source of income, unless you are a professional gambler or into any form of gambling as a consistent hobby. 

The job market in the world today and especially the United States is extremely saturated. With universities becoming more of a business, the number of degrees handed out versus the number of jobs available just doesn’t make sense. 

Whether your skills are technical, labor-intensive, or creative, there are jobs for the same in almost every industry. One such overlooked industry is the casino industry. 

Online casinos are on the rise and their processes are getting safer by the day for all parties involved. The streamlining of this industry has created job opportunities that are consistent and stable. 

To help you in your research on the topic, below is a list of five lucrative careers in online gambling: 

Online Casino Dealer

If you are good at presenting and are a people person, this could be an ideal job for you. According to Adrian Sireca at OnlineCasinoGems, “a lot of online casinos have online dealers on camera to guide and entertain their players. Most online casinos require online casino dealers to report at their broadcasting studios in order to maintain professionalism. Online casinos also offer 2-3 weeks of training for this type of position.” 

You might think that they are looking for experience but the truth is they are just looking for individuals that can be trained well. Hence, the chance of landing a job in this position is high if you are an outgoing person who is also a good learner. 

In terms of salary, the numbers vary depending on the company you work for, the site traffic or app traffic and your level of expertise. According to Gamblers Daily Digest, you can easily make up to $50 per hour being a casino dealer. 

Player Support Agent

The job title is self-explanatory. This is an administrative, customer service role. Most online casinos and betting websites that are busy, have a lot of player support agents. 

The position requires both technical and non-technical skills. Online Casinos are legally required to have Player Support Agents to cater to player needs via phone, email and a live chat. 

Primary responsibilities of Player Support Agents include troubleshooting technical problems, assisting with ID verification, account management support, assisting players with bonuses, offers, loyalty programs, identifying fraud, approving payments, and so on. 

A Player Support Agent for online casinos generally makes anywhere from $20 to $25 per hour, which is a great starting salary for an administrative position. Online casino games like slots are on the rise due to their easy accessibility, and there are a lot of positions available in the customer support genre. 

Compliance Analyst 

Just like most other major industries, the online casino industry also needs compliance analysts. In fact, due to the possibility of security breaches and fraudulent activities being on a high in the online gambling industry, this is quite an important role in an online casino company. 

Some online casinos prefer analysts with a legal background, although this is not a requirement to fulfil this position. A Compliance Analyst works under the legal department of an online casino. 

Key responsibilities include making sure the casino and its activities are in compliance with legal requirements in each state and/or country, developing policies with the legal team to ensure compliance standards keep improving and analyzing compliance reports while working with executive team members. Other responsibilities also include briefing Product Managers and Customer Service teams. 
This position usually requires a high level of qualifications including a bachelor’s degree, auditing, and compliance experience, 2-3 years experience in a role that requires data analysis, and more depending on the company. 

Online Marketing Specialist Online casinos acquire their clientele through strategic and programmatic marketing processes. Usually, a Marketing Specialist for an online casino is skilled in every facet of digital marketing. 

Online casinos generally depend on email marketing and referral programs to increase their outreach. They also require good branding and optimized search engines for their casino. 

Since there are a lot of legalities to consider, marketing an online casino is not the same as in most other industries. An Online Marketing Specialist for an online casino needs to continuously strategize how to best represent the brand online and position it well for the target audience to interact. 

Qualification requirements can vary, but in most cases, there is a degree requirement in the field of marketing, along with experience. 

Key Account Manager

This is a management level position. A Key Account Manager in the online casino industry manages high-level accounts. This individual is responsible for managing and building relationships with a portfolio of customers that have a high net worth. 

A Key Account Manager deals with a sophisticated and rich customer base, overseeing all of their interaction with the casino. To fill this position, one requires excellent organizational and customer service skills. Most online casinos will prefer the candidate to have gaming experience, which will help them communicate better with clients. 

Specific responsibilities may include quality checks, assisting customers with bonuses, being the best source of information for VIP clientele, reporting to high-level executives, and managing a strong team. 

In short, a Key Account Manager is the face of the casino for players with big accounts. Hence, this is usually a well-compensated job for the right candidate. 

If you are scouting through industries to find jobs relative to your skill sets, the online casino industry is definitely worth consideration. The online gambling industry is only growing, and there are all types of steady jobs available. 

You should be able to find open positions on your regular job search engines like LinkedIn, Indeed, Planted, etc. Whether you are unemployed at the moment or looking for a transition, being a part of any industry that’s on an upward trend can give you long term stability. 

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