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Fixing things for profit top tips for growing your repair business

It is funny to think that if people are looking for a local repair business to help them fix their problem, they are highly likely to use the world wide web to carry out their search.

If you are offering local repair service and want to get your name about to grow your business and encourage satisfied customers to tell others about you, it makes sense to take a similarly modern approach to your marketing efforts and embrace the concept of SEO.

Here is a look at what SEO is and what it can do for your business on a local basis. Including an insight into why local SEO is different, plus details of how to build your local online profile, and some keyword strategies to use.

SEO in a nutshell

When someone in your neighbourhood is looking to find a local repair business they will most likely go to the Google search engine and put in a search to get details of local companies offering the repair service they want.

If you haven’t taken any steps to increase your visibility on a search engine like Google it is entirely possible that the first page of results they see will be a list of rival companies, who will be first in line to hook that customer ahead of you.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all about improving your search engine ranking so that your business takes a more prominent position when someone carries out a search using keywords in their search that closely match the services you provide, such as washing machine repairs, for example.

The fundamental point about search engine rankings is that you have to stand out from the crowd online and you need to try and do what you can to get your business name to the top of the page, as very few people spend any time scrolling down to the next pages of a search result.

Local SEO could make a big difference to your business profile with some targeted appliance repair marketing and it is definitely worth appreciating how vital to business growth the internet can be to your local business.

The power of local optimization

There is a clear distinction between what would be classed as a traditional SEO strategy and local optimization.

Traditional SEO is primarily focused on the website itself, but local optimization is much more about location, relevance, and another important element for local businesses, trust.

Think of it is a way of creating a local business community online and you get a better idea of the power of the internet to influence what local customers think about you and how they find you.

Making the most of your opportunity

Customers should be able to find you in a number of different ways so you have to concentrate on other options besides Google and other search engines.

The trick is to try and fill out all of the local listing pages available to increase awareness of your business. This means that in addition to working on upping your SEO ranking you should also be using Google My Business, Yahoo Local, and Yell, as a quick and effective way of creating an identity that pushes you nearer the top of the search engines.

Check out all the local listing opportunities available to you and take the time to build a profile on all of these sites. Also, encourage some of your existing customers to submit positive reviews about your business on those pages, as this will help to cement your position as a go-to repair business that other local customers can trust and rely on to do a good job.

Think about keywords

They are not called keywords for anything and it would be a good strategy to spend a bit of time working out which local keywords would be best for your business.

Think about how you carry out your own search on the internet and then apply that logic to compiling a list of keywords which will attract search engines to your site when it matches that search criterion.

Many of us type in the name of the town where we are looking for a business followed by a brief description of the service required. For example, if you want a typical search for an HVAC repair engineer in Miami Beach Florida to find your local business, the keywords to use would be Miami Beach+Florida+HVAC+Repair+Engineer.

Expand that thought process and include all the relevant keywords that you think are relevant to the geographical location you serve, plus a list of the words that best describe what you do.

You don’t have to fully understand the science behind SEO marketing yourself, as there are professional marketers out there to help you with that, but you do need to appreciate how it could make a big difference to how your business grows and prospers.

Hello everybody, my name is Garret and I have been helping the market for local businesses for years. We send 1,000s of phone calls to our local business partners exclusively. We generate these calls via the internet and their businesses grow dramatically. There are many ways to market online and many of them don’t work well for local businesses. I hope this article helped give you some more insight as to what you can do and shouldn’t do.

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