Meeting business needs through workforce planning
A Foreign & Commonwealth Office case study

Page 1: Introduction

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Constant change places demands on organisations. To meet these challenges, organisations need to be dynamic and adaptable. They need to have the right people in place to meet changing needs. This involves having workforce plans that encompass the whole organisation. This planning ensures that an organisation can achieve its objectives not just now but also in the future. The Foreign and...
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Page 2: Workforce planning

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The staffing needs of an organisation change constantly. Without proper planning, an organisation may suffer from skills shortages. It may be unable to provide a good service because it does not have sufficient staff with the right experience. Workforce planning involves estimating the present and future staffing requirements of the organisation. It needs to take into account...
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Page 3: Recruitment

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It is important that the FCO attracts and retains talented staff. The recruitment process starts by attracting candidates to apply for vacancies. In the past, the FCO was seen as an organisation that only recruited people from a narrow academic background. This was a barrier and stopped many talented people from applying for posts. Today, in order to get the best people, the FCO seeks to...
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Page 4: Selection

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The FCO has a policy of fair and open competition for posts. The process of selection involves identifying the most suitable candidate for each job. Usually external candidates must: submit a written application undertake group exercises and presentations at an assessment centre sit a job interview. Each stage of this process helps the FCO to explore the capability of each candidate for...
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Page 5: Developing people

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Building skills and competencies Having appointed staff, FCO believes it is important that they are provided with the opportunity to reach their full potential. Staff development involves building the competences and skills of individuals within the workplace. The FCO provides many opportunities for staff development. These include: training staff may attend courses or undertake a form of...
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Page 6: Conclusion

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To deliver the best possible service, the FCO needs good quality people. The process needs tobe managed. The key is to engage in workforce planning. Workforce planning helps the FCO to identify its employment and succession management requirements. Engaging in this process enables the FCO to meet its objectives to promote British interests overseas and to support British citizens and businesses...
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