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From traditional to modern contemporary furniture designs, this year has seen stylish and creative furniture pieces grace our homes. Like everything else, furniture constantly evolves at different paces. Some maintain their popularity year after year while others merely last for a season. If there is one theme that has united the various furniture trends for 2021, it’s the ability to adapt to change. Covid 19 having grounded most business operations led to trends that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. If you are looking for inspiration to spruce up your space, here are some of the top furniture trends that are experts belief will continue to trend in the foreseeable future;
gray dress shirt hang on brown wooden rack in front of window with white curtain


The pandemic drastically changed people’s lifestyles. Lives have become more informal and nomadic, to say the least. Many people have been forced to work remotely at the comfort of their homes. This has made a lot of employees switch up their homes to multi-functional spaces that can serve several purposes. When it comes to furniture, designers have incorporated playful and imaginative features that are experimental and interactive. This furniture brings happiness while stimulating creativity to allow expression of character. 


The internet and technology have greatly revolutionized the way we live and work. This has birthed the concept of home offices that has designers excited over developing office furniture that fits the home effortlessly. A growing number of start-up entrepreneurs and freelancers have greatly contributed to this trend by carrying out their operations from their residences. There is a clear indication that this trend is here to stay and 2021 is seeing many explore design office accessories by Mohd to furnish their homes.


As our lives have become increasingly urbanised, our connection to nature is dwindling. This has led to developments in trends that bring nature to our homes and workplaces. Biophilic design is more than just bringing the outside in. It’s about making a connection with different aspects of nature such as natural light, plants, natural materials, textures, patterns just to name a few. The benefits of having furniture made with biophilic design in mind is that they improve cognitive function and creativity while reducing stress and expedite healing.


Regardless of the size of a home, it’s often difficult to stock up on every little furniture accessory that you may need. Nowadays, multi-functional furniture is increasingly getting more popular as a way of saving on money and space. Poufs are an ideal addition to your living room, playroom, bedroom, hallway. It’s versatile use as a storage box for clothes, toys, magazines. When needed, the poufs with storage can double as a coffee table in a living room or provide extra seating in a dining room. Check this poufs collection here to chose suitable item and add a cozy factor to your room. The market is flooded with stylish pieces that make out homes feel spacious without compromising on style. The rise of multifunctional furniture is a trend that may contribute towards sustainable living, minimalism and mindfulness.


Furniture trends for this year have seen a lot of pieces with weird shapes. Smooth lines, curved shapes and rounded silhouettes are being used to create stunning pieces for both indoor and outdoor living. The designs take inspiration from natural elements that come with interesting shapes that remind us of nature. For example, coffee tables are being made with artful and asymmetrical shapes that look out of this world.


Antique, repurposed and retro pieces are a great way of integrating sustainable products in a home not forgetting how they remind us of the good old days. The key to this design is to slavishly reproduce old designs using strong colours and textures for a vibrant and cohesive look. Vintage design works with plenty of contrast and layering of pieces that mean something to you. Few luxe elements such as rich fabrics and embellishments can be used to make a statement to create a modern look.

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