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Deal with colors guide for designers

Design has a lot of industries and branches, and most of them are really important. This topic is dedicated to colors. We all know the basics, like red is a sexy color and orange is fun, but let’s go a little deeper. Choosing the right color is an important aspect of any modern entrepreneur, you need to make the right advertising, which will attract attention. And not only advertising, of course, absolutely all aspects of the digital and paper world. As an example, anyone can download fonts at Fontsly, but no one knows what to do with them. The font does not always have to be black, and vice versa, it does not always need to be in color. Okay, let’s go through the basic colors.

Warm colors

Warm colors consist of red, yellow and orange, as well as their shades. This color literally symbolizes heat, the color of fire and the sun. Red and yellow colors are the basis, orange is a secondary color. In principle, this does not change anything, just an interesting fact. Use these colors if you want to show passion, energy, zeal.

Red, let’s take a closer look

Red color can be very diverse. At the same time, it is the color of war and blood, and of love and passion. History connects this color simultaneously with the devil and cupid. Due to the red color, a person rises pressure, but also it contributes to metabolism. Red is often associated with anger, but also red is the color of importance. Think of the red carpet and road signs, as example. Road signs, by the way, indicate to us danger – another meaning of this color.

Different cultures treat this color differently. China believes that red is the color, which brings good luck, prosperity and happiness. Some eastern countries dress in red to celebrate the wedding. However, South Africa considers this color to be mourning. And let’s not forget about the communists.

Red color has a very high energy and can have a huge resonance. It should be used when you want to show strength and passion, no one can pass by. Dark shades of red show us elegance and power, while light colors are pure energy.


The color of energy and life, some shades are associated with the earth and autumn. It is believed that orange is able to make a difference, due to the fact that it is associated in people with a change in the seasons. Orange also plays a big role in the creative aspects of life. Due to the ambiguity of the word orange, people automatically perceive it as a fruit, and fruits mean health and strength. Designers attract attention with orange color, but not as aggressively as red, color is considered to be more friendly.


Yellow is one hundred percent energy, the color of the sun. A lesser known meaning is the color of deceivers and cowards. Most often, when people are called yellow, they mean cowardice.

Hope is another meaning of this color. In many countries, families hang yellow ribbons when their loved ones go to war. Occasionally, yellow is the color of danger, but still it is more about red.  As with any other color, each country gives yellow its own meaning. In India, this color is wholly owned by sellers. Egypt classifies this color as mourning, And Japan dresses yellow the most courageous men.

You can use bright yellow colors to show vigor and light. Softer shades have a fun use, these shades are considered gender-neutral, often used in children’s products, so as not to impose standard blue and pink on the child. Yellow with shades of gold show old age and stability, can be used to show permanence.

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