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Gamblers find weird alternatives as casinos continue to shut down amid growing pandemic

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It has been a trying month for anyone who loves visiting the casino with the coronavirus shutting down a great number of venues. With all the land-based casinos in the United States closed, many people have been looking for alternatives.

Some have quite the outstanding alternatives to traditional gaming, opting for online gaming and more. Sites such as websites have seen an increase in players searching for bonus deals online. These welcome offers are exclusively held for new players, showing there has been an increase in the number of new players going online.

Gamers have been choosing to visit VR casinos or jump straight to the live dealer games available from the comfort of their home.

Some have even gone completely outside of the box exploring interesting betting contests, such as electronic sports. Here are some of the quirkiest ways that casino gamers have found to keep themselves entertained in this temporary casino hiatus.

Grand Theft Auto Diamond Casino Is Busier Than Usual

If you are not a fan of computer games, you might just need to become one. Rockstar, the company behind the absolute hit Grand Theft Auto (GTA), is running one of the busiest online casinos in the world!

It’s set right in the video game and it actually has a busy turnaround of players. For months now, GTA fans have been coming to the Diamond Casino and enjoying some very tempting plays, big wins and more, and as you can guess, the current situation has made it possible for more people to have a bite at this delicious casino.

The money is make-believe, but the thrill is real. You can immerse yourself in this simulated reality and have a total blast playing while still developing your online avatar. After all, if authorities tell you that you can’t go outside, you can very well immerse yourself in this awesome reality.

Visiting VR Casinos – A Whole New Level of Experience

Even though VR casinos are in their infancy, some players haven’t minded donning their Oculus set and diving into simulated fun on a whole new level. If player reactions alone are any indication, it has been a wild and generally worthwhile ride.

True, there may not be as many games to experience in VR just yet, but there are plenty of opportunities to still join and have a nice chat with some avatars. There is no need to stake too much as well because these games come with very reasonable table limits and after all – a whole new way to enjoy gaming.

Build Your Casino in Minecraft

Who wouldn’t want to have their casino? Admittedly, having $300 million in loose cash could be a little too much, so what you need to do is focus on actually getting a casino the cheapest way possible, by opening your Minecraft account.

Minecraft has already been used to build virtual worlds where journalists can exchange information and circumnavigate national censorship and bans. It sounds almost crazy, but back in the day, the FBI paid agents to go in deep cover and infiltrate World of Warcraft guilds. For all the wackiness of all of the above, you can focus on the simple fact that Minecraft is a powerful world builder and you can very easily create your casino. True, you won’t be able to play as much, but the fact is you can spend these hours you would have otherwise nipped down to an actual casino doing some creative, and perhaps learning a bit of game theory.

It’s not all so bad, eh? Of course, not all of us can spend dozens of hours creating make-believe worlds, but don’t worry – even 15 minutes a day would be enough!

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