Workforce planning in the global oil and gas environment
A GE Oil & Gas case study

Page 1: Introduction

Today most people, probably yourself included, have come to expect energy at the touch of a button or the flick of a switch. Until recently, energy sources have been plentiful. The current global environment is truly complex and presents significant challenges for the oil and gas sector. Industry experts say that the era of easy oil is over. In the past, resources were relatively easy to...
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Page 2: Workforce planning

Workforce planning is the process of planning for the future labour needs of a business. An analysis will show the numbers, skills and locations of people needed. Recruitment and training can then be focused on meeting those needs. GE Oil & Gas works in a rapidly changing market, so workforce planning is key to secure the future of the business. In addition to the aforementioned industry...
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Page 3: Business functions

GE Oil & Gas offers a huge range of roles in a variety of functional areas, collaborating globally to support business needs, including: research & development (R&D) and engineering to create and implement innovative technologies marketing and sales to identify and meet customers’ needs globally human resources (HR) to recruit, train and develop an efficient workforce finance to...
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Page 4: Roles and responsibilities

Inside every business, you can find different roles and responsibilities. Most often big projects are carried out by diverse cross functional teams typically led by a manager who is responsible for the team processes, performance and business results. The leadership team is responsible for making key strategic decisions for the entire organisation.Demonstrating passion and commitment and...
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Page 5: A cross functional team

In his role as a GE Oil & Gas Project Engineer, Simon Corrigan’s responsibilities on the Gorgon Project include reviewing the initial design and concept, as well as completing detailed designs of components and assemblies ready to be manufactured by GE. Working for GE Oil & Gas provides opportunities to work with colleagues across the world. Design engineers from Poland, Italy and...
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Page 6: Conclusion

A project like Gorgon shows the many types of roles that are key to the future of the industry. These include positions in engineering, research and development, manufacturing, environmental management, finance, IT, HR, sales, marketing, communications and many more, at all levels, all around the world. GE Oil & Gas is a leader in advanced technologies and services solutions for the oil and...
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