Responding to a changing market
A Golden Wonder case study

Page 1: Introduction

Golden Wonder has been one of the most easily recognisable household names for over fifty years. It has developed a product portfolio which includes crisps, such as Golden Wonder and Groovers, and snacks, such as Wotsits, Nik Naks, Wheat Crunchies and Jungle Fresh nuts. Golden Wonder has always considered innovation to be important. The company pioneered the first ready salted crisps, as well as...
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Page 2: A changing market place

Changes in society over the last decade have greatly affected the way we live. As the pace of life seems to get quicker and quicker, people have less time to prepare meals. There has been a rise in snacking or, as it is known in the food trade, grazing, with consumers choosing products which are convenient, portable and cheap. Fewer children are choosing school meals in the middle of the day and...
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Page 3: Research and development

Golden Wonder has been able to take advantage of important technological innovations, largely because of a commitment to investment in research and development. The original ‘low fat crisps’ on the market were made possible by the development of a process known as ‘steam stripping’. Part fried crisps were subjected to jets of stream which blasted off the excess fat and then...
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Page 4: Product feedback

Critical to any marketing strategy is the collection of product feedback. The full range of market research was employed for the introduction of Golden Lights: desk research continued to analyse secondary data, such as social trends, and investigated the performance of other markets discussion groups were set up to consider the whole issue of health and food concept testing was undertaken to...
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Page 5: Repositioning a product

Golden Wonder consequently decided to reposition the product and it was relaunched in 1993. The key change was to establish the product’s own identity, moving it away from crisps and establishing it as a potato snack with its own unique taste. The product itself was modified slightly so that the primary claim could now be that there were ‘Less than 99 calories per pack’. This was...
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Page 6: Conclusion

The story of Golden Wonder Lights highlights the need for successful organisations to be aware of the constantly changing position of their products within the market and of the constantly changing market-place. Using a range of extension strategies, Golden Wonder has been able to extend the growth phase of the product’s life cycle. The study also reinforces the importance of market research...
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