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Grow Your Social Media Presence On Any Platform

Whether you’re a budding influencer, booming business, or startup, there’s one thing that everyone agrees on: you need a solid presence on social media in order to succeed. The keyword is substantial. Having accounts with dismal numbers will likely hurt your brand more than help it because people will take one look at your account and brush you off as a fraud, unless your brand is very new. Somehow, the world has managed to create an association of credibility with success, but that’s not something surprising. Before social media, you would more likely try a brand of food that you’ve seen or heard about because of familiarity and being popular certainly doesn’t hurt. After all, how bad can something be if everyone’s talking about it?

Use social media agencies to gain traction

How do you get well-known on social media? Do you buy Instagram likes or stream constantly? The fact is that there are plenty of ways to grow your social media accounts and some may toe the line between what is right and what is to be avoided.

Don’t rely solely on social media agencies

There are so many social media management tools and agencies that would gladly take your money and grow your following. Some do it legitimately by following algorithms and planning careful content that reflects your brand but others may find loopholes to exploit and it’s very important that you do your due diligence before buying into whatever seems the most convenient or effective. Some methods may cause your account to be banned, while others will get you flagged and your account will be blacklisted.

Organic growth comes inorganically

Something that most social media users don’t realize is that organic growth doesn’t mean that you should post organically or candidly. The best social media managers understand that the best feeds are curated to look as though it were unplanned, but nothing unplanned can ever be great. Virality may sometimes happen by accident, but success doesn’t. You will need to work hard at understanding your audience – who you want to attract, how you can attract a specific demographic, and how do you retain or better yet, convert them.

Plan out your feed for better engagement

It might feel like a lot of work, but it will be worth it. Make sure you make use of festivities and movements in order to gain more traction and keep it relevant by referencing how it applies to you, your audience, and your brand.

Remember to post for humans

Whether you’re an influencer or a business, the fact is that you’re posting for other human beings and so should post accordingly. Being too perfect can sometimes come off as fake, which is both ineffectual and also doesn’t create the kind of relatability you want with your audience.

Don’t try to be perfect but instead, emulate real human emotions and behaviors

Take for example the rivalry between Coca Cola and Pepsi. The reason their campaigns make such big waves is because they recognize their rivalry and act accordingly, which is entertaining to the masses. Even though they are a large corporation, they are entirely relatable with their tongue-in-cheek moments.

The Big Takeaway

At the end of the day, don’t fall into the trap of doing something just because everyone is doing it or because you think it looks easy. Nothing good ever comes easy. It looks easy because of all the hard work that you don’t see. Being notable on social media means that you need to start conversations and make real connections instead of gaining shallow attention and doing it just for the numbers.

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