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How to grow an Instagram account as a business

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Have you recently started up an Instagram account for your new business but have absolutely no idea how to use it effectively in order to grow? Are you disappointed by the lack of growth your brand is seeing from Instagram even though you have tried every different kind of marketing strategy you could possibly think of?

In the past few years, so many different brands and businesses have started straying away from traditional marketing and found themselves creating Instagram accounts instead. There are so many reasons why it is beneficial for businesses and brands to have some form of social media presence, the most prominent being that they now have access to hundreds of millions of people worldwide on a daily basis. It is also so much cheaper than traditional marketing because the app itself is completely free to use and there are much fewer costs that come with social media marketing.

It isn’t easy to grow your account, especially with so much competition, but it isn’t impossible to find yourself gaining a massive amount of followers. Here are a few tips on how to grow your Instagram account as a business.

Have goals

Goals are not just something you should have in your physical life, but also something you should be striving to achieve for your business or brand’s social media accounts too. Having goals for your Instagram account is so important when it comes to the growth of your account and how it will affect the scaling of your business.

Different kinds of social media goals can include, follower count, number of likes and comments, number of people who have shared or saved your videos, whether or not you will be using a growth service like Growthoid or even just the basics of the number of people who have viewed your content. Setting goals is a great way to inspire you to work harder towards improving and growing your business itself. The bigger goal that you could set for your account is to increase the awareness of your brand, showcase the company and its values, and increase brand and customer loyalty.

Setting this goal before you start posting any kind of content is a great way to define the type of content you will want to post and how it will affect the tone and voice of your content and your brand. 

Have a good profile

When it comes to Instagram, having a good profile is everything and more. A good profile is one of the key aspects when it comes to growing your account, helping to get more Instagram followers, and brining attention to your business or brand because it is where people can read about you and find links that take them directly to your website.

When you start your Instagram account, this is when you will need to set up your profile. The first thing that is required of you is to choose a username. When it comes to choosing a username, it is best to go with something that is either the same or similar to your business’s name in order to avoid any kind of confusion for your followers. Next up is the profile picture. Typically this should be your logo, or even a more condensed version of your logo so that followers will be able to recognise your brand when they see the image pop up. It is important to ensure that this logo is clearly visible in the icon circle.

Lastly, you have the bio. This could essentially be the most important part of the whole profile. Here you can say a little bit about your brand, as well as include the location of your business and add a direct link to your website. This will make your customers’ lives so much easier, and encourage them to shop for your brand instead of just leaving to find another.

Understand the analytics and use hashtags

One thing that people tend to forget to do is to monitor their analytics. By checking your analytics every now and then you can find out so much information about how well your account is doing and what kind of content is the best to post. Other things you can discover when looking at analytics are what time is the best to post, how people are choosing to interact with your brand, and what the best hashtags should be used for your content.

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