Matching taxation principles with environmental policies
A HM Customs & Excise case study

Page 4: Some key questions for government

Questions that governments have been forced to ask themselves include:

  • How can governments ensure that individuals and organisations take their responsibilities towards the environment seriously?
  • How can individuals and organisations best be persuaded to consider and reduce the adverse environmental impact of their own consumption and production activities?
  • What steps might government take to modify the impact of consumer and producer behaviour on the environment?
  • In what ways can a taxation system help to make consumers and producers become more environmentally responsible?

In recent times the UK government has shown particular interest in the last question. It believes that tax structures really can change economic behaviour, and for the better. So, in pursuit of its policy of safeguarding the future of the environment and the welfare of its citizens, it has given a key role to one of its major departments: HM Customs & Excise.

HM Customs & Excise | Matching taxation principles with environmental policies


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