Water as a precious asset


We all have different needs. If you were asked what they were you might talk  about the need to buy a motor bike, to have enough money to go out on Friday night or to buy some new clothes. Water affects all of our lives in many different ways but it is probably something which is not instantly associated with your needs because it is taken for granted. Think how many times a day you use a tap, not just for washing your hands but also for making a cup of tea or coffee, for cooking, washing clothes, cleaning, running heating systems, washing-up and, of course, for flushing the toilet. Imagine what it would be like if water was not readily available. Perhaps the best way is to think of a seed and the ingredient necessary for it to germinate and grow - water. Like that seed we depend upon water but not only in its capacity as a necessity to support our existence but also for developing our standard of living. For example, in a modern home water must come into the house. We may have access to it both upstairs and downstairs. Water may be used in the...

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