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How attending CPD events can bolster your personal growth

CPD events can bolster your personal growth
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No matter what industry you work in, continuing to grow and develop is essential to improving not only your output but also increasing your job satisfaction. This is why thousands of people across both the public and private sectors opt for what’s known as Continuing Professional Development (CPD). In this blog post, we’ll discuss how attending CPD events can help bolster your personal growth. We’ll also discuss what impacts CPD can have on the business you work for and how gaining CPD accreditation can be helpful for learning providers.

What is CPD?

When you undertake CPD, you need to track and document the skills, knowledge and experience you gain. This usually takes the form of a portfolio, where you keep a record of what you’ve experienced, what you learnt from that experience and how you’ve applied it to your role.

CPD helps you improve your professional competency and capability, ensuring you have a complex and advanced understanding of issues. It can also be used to learn transferable skills, such as leadership, management and organisation.

What are CPD Events?

While undertaking CPD, one of the main ways you can grow, gain insights and learn about potential improvements to your practice is to attend CPD events. These events take various forms, such as:

  •      Training courses
  •      Conferences
  •      Workshops
  •      Seminars
  •      Lectures
  •      e-learning courses
  •      CPD certified events

When undertaking CPD, you’re involved in the interactive, proactive and participation-based study from both an online and offline positioning. You may also take exams and assessments as part of the process.

Industry-Specific Events Training

As part of gaining your CPD, you should find events specific to your profession. Events training is an important part of any CPD and can become a key focus of your portfolio.

In addition to simply attending relevant CPD events, you can also start events networking to help improve personal development. This includes learning from like-minded individuals, and sharing experiences and advice in order to bolster your personal growth. If you need help networking, you can read our guide.

Different CPD events will suit different professions. For instance, if you work in construction, you may attend a seminar on choosing the right pipeline system, whereas if you work in education, you may attend a course on anti-bullying frameworks. However, regardless of your profession, you’ll find events training that’s right for your CPD.

Successful Case Studies

CPD events have a long-standing history of helping thousands of people. As well as helping the learner bolster their personal growth, they also impact the business that the learner works for. Additionally, by gaining CPD accreditation, there’s a benefit for the company providing the training. As a result, if you’re a learning provider, it could be worth understanding how to become accredited.

Just one example of the success events training can have has been highlighted by The CPD Certification Service. In their case study, they discussed the work of Capita Conferences.

They found that not only did Capita Conferences benefit from gaining CPD accreditation by increasing their brand profile, but the accredited events have also helped attendees and the businesses they work for, too.

Capita Conferences remarked that attendees felt more ‘professional’ for attending an accredited event. Attendees were also able to make the most of events networking to help improve personal development.

Can Events Bolster Your Personal Growth?

In summary, attending CPD events can help not only bolster your personal growth but also the growth of the business you work for. By undertaking CPD, you’ll be able to improve your competency and capability in your role, gaining a complex and advanced understanding of issues, as well as learning transferable skills.

From the perspective of businesses considering offering CPD to their staff, up-skilled employees will not only be better at their jobs but will also have higher levels of job satisfaction, leading to higher staff retention rates.

In the case of CPD events specifically, they also provide the perfect forum for staff members to begin networking to help improve personal development. This is because they allow your staff members to meet like-minded individuals and share experiences.

If you currently offer events training, then it could be a good idea for your business to begin understanding how to become accredited and gain CPD accreditation. This is because, as the above case study shows, events training holds advantages for the learning provider, the individual undertaking CPD and their employer.

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