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How businesses can benefit from planning software during the crisis

To face times of uncertainty affecting the current economy, companies need to change their strategies, rethinking their operations with a new plan adapted to the situation.

What is a business planning software?

A business planning software, also identified as Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP, is a program used for the optimization of operations within any organization or company.

With it, logistical changes can be carried out where human resources can be managed, including both employees and customers, according to certain schedules or shifts.

It is also possible to have control of the inventory in the warehouses and to count on services for product distribution, shipping, handling and retail, without putting employees or customers’ health at risk.

Although you can find different types of software in the market, none will be able to offer you the versatility of Orquest, ideal to organize and manage your company’s resources and activities properly.

Benefits of using a planning software

Many entrepreneurs are currently analyzing their finances to determine whether it is profitable to keep the doors open during the pandemic.

When it comes to shops that cater directly to customers it is necessary to consider having enough opening hours to provide the business with a profitable sales margin.

You should also consider the size of your shop to determine how many customers you can serve each day. Especially considering guaranteeing their health and that of all your staff.

In this sense, it will be very useful to plan according to customer visits, the number you can attend per day and the timetables you will establish for each of your employees.

This is when you will begin to enjoy the benefits of a business planning software. Below are other advantages that you can obtain with this type of program:

  • Know your products’ demand or services in real time.

  • You will be able to adequately implement social distance within your company, in order to respect the regulations currently implemented and to offer everything necessary to keep your clients satisfied.
  • Establish schedules, shifts and adequate distribution of tasks for each of your employees automatically, ensuring that they can serve customers without risking their physical health.
  • Make all your company’s staff aware of the planning that has been implemented, by constantly communicating with them through digital media such as mobile devices.
  • The work shifts will be managed efficiently, with support. In this case, if an employee is missing, the planning will include who will have to replace them.
  • You will have full control of customer visits, which will be scheduled according to the physical capacity of your establishment. If necessary, you can also schedule each one of them in advance.
  • When you plan, you are improving the company’s performance to generate all the necessary sales in spite of the pandemic.
  • The planning software allows you to have complete control of the company and to speed up any type of change in case the crisis intensifies, to guarantee your financial stability.
  • You will be able to visualize the statistical performance of your organization, comparing economic movements for each day and according to opening hours.

This software allows you to take advantage of all the benefits of the digital world. Look for sales alternatives within the online market, expand your advertising campaigns so that customers are aware of all the security measures you offer to attend them and the possibility that they can acquire your products without putting their health at risk.

It is necessary to adapt the business planning to the current legal regulations, implemented to avoid the spreading of the coronavirus. This will be nothing complicated if you use the right software.

Orquest has pre-installed programming, to cover most of the difficulties that are currently going on. Implement the software in your company so you can get to know their versatility.

The battle against Covid-19 is won by facing the difficulties. Life has changed and it will not be the first time companies will need to adapt by making the necessary adjustments to keep a functional business.

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