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How Golf Betting Matches Up with Other Sports

When gamblers think about the most popular sports in the betting world, they would immediately recall boxing, football, basketball, American football, and racing.

Golf was not always at the top of the list when it came to popularity among gamblers. A niche existed for gamblers who wanted to put money on PGA Tour events and Majors, but it did not hold a candle to other sports.

That perception is no longer the reality, as golf has become a lot more popular with gamblers in the past few years. Below are some reasons why golf now compares very favourably to other sports where betting is concerned.

American Legalization

Even though golf enthusiasts in the UK have not had any problems placing bets on golf tournaments in the past, Americans could not bet on the sport legally. That has changed in the past few years, with golf benefiting from the striking down of a federal law that banned all forms of sports betting.

The PGA tour gambled on the voiding of the previous sports betting law, which they believed would significantly increase people wanting to bet on golf. Their bet was proven correct, with studies showing an exponential increase in the amount of money bet on golf tournaments.

PGA Tour – Gambling Operator Deals

Not only did the PGA Tour change rules that pertain to gambling-related partnerships for players, but they also struck deals with several gambling operators.

Players are still not allowed to bet on golf events when participating in the PGA Tour, but they can partner with gambling companies as they wish. That has led to a significant uptick in people having an interest in placing bets on golf tournaments, as they see their favourite players securing sponsorship agreements with betting companies.

Still Adrift of the Big Boys

Even though sportsbooks claim that golf-related betting has gone up three or four times the figures from a few years ago, there is still some way to go. Golf is still not as popular among gamblers as football, American football, basketball, horse racing and other sports.

The PGA Tour and other golf authorities are confident of bridging the gap in the coming years. They believe that gamblers’ interest in the sport will continue to rise as it becomes easier for people to place bets on PGA Tour events legally.

Making Money by Betting on Golf Tournaments

Anyone hoping to profit from wagers on golf tournaments must follow the general rules for sports betting. 

Do not bet on golf if you are not a fan of the sport, as you are more likely to fail with your predictions.

If you are a golf enthusiast, below are some strategies that will help you make a profit on your golf betting in any given month:

Every Course is Different

The ranking and form of a player go a long way to determining how they will finish at a particular golf event. Betters must understand that the nature of the golf course where a PGA Tour event takes place can often determine the result of said event.

Some golf courses are bumpier and rougher, while others are slick and smooth. Understand how the top golfers perform at different golf courses, and you will have a better time predicting the winner of any particular event.

Assess Weather Reports

The changeable weather conditions throughout a given day can have a significant impact on how golfers perform. Different groups have varying tee times, which means someone starting early in the morning may be encountering entirely different conditions from the afternoon group.

Know how the conditions are likely to change throughout the day and then predict player performances accordingly. If the wind is a lot stronger in the morning, players will likely enjoy better rounds in the afternoon.

Avoid Hype Betting

There is a tendency to go with the hype regarding golf betting, especially if the gambler is not too familiar with the sport. Even if a golfer is coming off an incredible run of results, you must follow a method for predicting their performance at a future event.

Spice Up Your Golf Watching Routine

Placing a wager on a golf tournament is a great way to make the experience of watching a lot more fun. When you have something riding on the outcome, you are likely to experience all the tension and exhilaration that comes with watching sports.

Follow specific strategies and use your game knowledge to pick the most likely winners at various PGA Tour events. So long as you avoid betting on hype or based on the suggestions of others, you should have no problem making a lot of money betting on golf.

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