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How Man With A Van Businesses Can Make Most Out of Online Marketplaces

Embracing online selling and marketplaces has become essential to many businesses. This has helped many of them keep up with the pace of increased competition and customers’ ever-changing preferences.

With the help of marketplaces, many businesses are able to sell their product and service beyond their physical stores. One example of this is the transport business such as home movers, man with a van, two men and a truck, local and interstate removalists.

Company’s Visibility

Utilising an online marketplace does not mean shutting down the traditional one, rather just simply adding more efficient channels for businesses to promote their services in a very demanding market. Beforehand, removalists, especially the small ones like a man with a van or two men and a truck type of removalists, gain visibility only through word of mouth. But with the increased use and easy access of the internet, gaining digital visibility is easier. Making use of the best marketplaces could increase the exposure of these businesses since a lot of shoppers use online marketplaces as their main search engine. In this way, removalists can attract the attention of potential customers since they feel more confident getting services in online marketplaces.

Extensive Customer Access

The good thing about marketplaces is that the moving company will not only be limited to local customers where the company is at. It can reach potential customers from other states. This is very helpful for an interstate removalist who does business between different states.

24/7 Operation

Nowadays, businesses that are operating from 8 am to 5 pm are having a rough time competing with 24/7 competitors. Thus, a lot of transportation businesses, like home movers prefer to use online marketplaces. First, removalists can monitor customers’ issues real time and will surely think and apply a solution so everything will be running smoothly. Second, removalists can attend to customers’ concerns while at home, during holidays and of course during your travels as long as you have internet access.  Lastly, in terms of security, removalists are certain that online marketplaces have up-to-date security software and monitored security patches to avoid any potential security threats to maintain reliable and efficient transactions. 

Low Entry-Cost

Creating and developing a selling platform is costly and is a lot of work. By using marketplaces, moving companies spending money on resources for marketing. Marketplaces are already established platforms, so by utilizing this, moving companies don’t have to spend so much to gain customers. They only need to pay for a listing fee or a small percentage of each sale they made through the marketplace. This is a much smaller cost compared to building one’s own selling platform.

Easy Set-Up

Using a marketplace allows moving companies, especially small individual removalists, to create a storefront easily. Removalists can set up an account in just a matter of few minutes, listing the details of services they offer. While some marketplaces have extensive security measures to ensure that the sellers on their platform are legitimate before approving them to sell product/services, this is still a lot faster and easier for removalists compared to setting up their own selling platform which can take weeks, even months.

Currently, businesses of diverse industries and companies are dominated with communication technology, but not all businesses were able to cope with the transition process from the way traditional bricks and mortar stores do business.  Luckily, with the emergence of online marketplaces, transportation businesses like local and interstate removalists, a man with a van, and two men and a truck, are able to cope up with the competition.

This is why a platform like Upmove.com.au was created – a marketplace of Australia’s dedicated removalists & moving companies of furniture removals, home moves, vehicle transportations and more. This platform helps many men who move in reaching more customers and expanding their businesses without them having to develop their own robust digital marketing strategy.

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