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How to Become A Link Builder in Just 5 Days

This guide helps any upcoming link builder who wants to build links in a few days successfully. So, if you want to train someone on your team to become a successful link builder, this is your guide. The trainee should learn the relevance of links, the link basics, and even the competitive analysis.

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It is crucial to note that the training results may differ from one trainee to another since several factors guide link campaigns.

Day 1: Concentrate on the Basics of the Course

Technically speaking, any person who can send an email and perform a search on the internet can build links successfully.

We build links since Google’s algorithm will rank your website based on your links. Quality links will help your website rank higher, but they are part of an overall strategy to boost the business.

Discovering the Site

If you are working on a site, first perform a search like you are looking for a particular product that your site offers. Look at the websites that rank in that space, and basically, that is how you want your website to resemble. Most of the time, the link builder do not get links since they ask for links from the wrong sites. Ensure you ask for links from credible and well-known sources.


Check for the metrics on the site you want to use. If they meet what you are looking for, you can use it; if not, look for another site that has the metrics you want.

Site Analysis

Look for a site with helpful and well-structured articles, looks nice, and is not full of guest posts.

Day 2: Due Diligence and Prospecting

This is where you have to look at the site discovery. The site you choose to build links with will determine your success. If you go for the wrong sites, you will not get the right links to help your website rank. Check critically on the type of links you want and get the right sites to pitch for links.

Prospecting Tools

You could search the web and get the right sites, but the prospecting tools can be handy if you have to use a tool. The tools will organize all the potential sites where you can get the right links, and from there, you can select the ones you want.

Advanced Search Operators

These operators will give you quality results that are less fluff and quite helpful. However, you should know when to use them and which ones you should use.


Also, Help A Reporter Out is a very efficient way to get links. Look for journalists who want answers on topics that you cover on your site, and they will link to your website if they pick your answer.

Day 3: Competitive Analysis

It does not just talk about getting links that your competitors possess. Competitive analysis involves looking at the typical profile in your business line and looking for links from websites that surpass that.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is crucial, and you have to master it. Make sure you use the right anchor texts and keywords and do not overuse them.

Assess the backlinks in competitor sites and understand the kind of backlinks they use. You will know the sites that link to websites in your niche quite easily.

Day 4: Outreach

Outreach is one crucial practice you have to get. You can do it via your phone, via social media, or even face to face. The main takeaway in outreach is getting noticed by your target audience. You have to get the right people to talk to and have an interesting message to make the audience react.

Today outreach is not as easy, but some tools can help you out with the job. However, mastering outreach without the use of tools is an undervalued skill.

The Subject

It should explain what your text is all about. However, you could add the site’s name, the recipient’s name, and probably the content’s format. The subject can either make your email to prospects or break it, so work on it diligently.

Some clients will track their links, but others do not. There are cases where you can track links and see their impact, but there are cases where you cannot track them. So, if you see the rankings improve, probably the link-building technique is working, but not to say it is always the case.

Links are not hard to trace. Some links lead to your website but you do not know they even exist. Some tools report on backlinks that can help you trace the backlinks you are not aware of.


Typically, your rankings will determine your traffic. Always check your rankings to determine whether your backlinking efforts are boring fruits.


Everyone wants more traffic to their website. You could use several tools to measure the traffic coming to your site and pay special attention to what brings in more traffic. That is what you leverage on.


Normally, this is what every business works towards on the online platform. Every business wants as many conversions as possible. However, keep in mind that rankings will not always equate to traffic. Having good traffic will not always mean you will have a high conversion rate.

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