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How to effect a policy of insurance if you need one out of the blue

If you want to buy a car or a used car and still save the money, read this article – it is important. Check the car twice before you buy. Make sure that the front windows, for example, have the same stitch mark and the same year of manufacture. Insurance – it is either important. Read this article to learn more!

Too young to drive? From 18 years no more

Anyone who has a driver’s license as a teenager can drive a car as an 18-year-old when accompanied by an adult. To obtain a driving license, 16.5-year-olds should enroll in a driving school. Yet, car insurance price for 18 year old may vary.

After passing the theoretical and practical exam, the novice driver receives the so-called “examination certificate” from the age of 17. This one, along with an identity card, is a driving license for accompanied driving.

Anyone traveling this way without escort commits a traffic violation that entails a fine, a prolonged probationary period and the revocation of the driving license. Novice drivers are subject to a total alcohol ban until they are 21 years old.

The price comparison

The contribution amount for your vehicle depends on many different factors. Important is, for example, the car model you possess. For example, if yours is high on the list of frequently stolen vehicles, you pay more for your car insurance.

The insurance area in which your car is registered also has a major impact on the insurance contribution. A higher risk of damage is also crucial. Rural residents often pay significantly lower contributions for their car insurance than city dwellers.

Another factor is the agreed services. In addition to the motor liability insurance, you have the choice between the part and the comprehensive insurance. The three types of hedges differ as follows:

  • Liability: Covers damage to third parties in the case of a self-inflicted accident.
  • Partial cover: The insurance also covers, inter alia, theft, game accident, marten damage, fire, explosion, glass breakage, flooding and storm damage.
  • Fully comprehensive insurance: Vandalism and self-inflicted damage to your own vehicle are also covered.

Other criteria influence the cost of your car insurance, including the non-indemnity classes.

What should you pay attention to:

  1. In motor insurance, motor liability is required by law.
  2. Protection is provided by the fully comprehensive and partial comprehensive insurance.
  3. The insurance comparison for cheap car insurance is available on the Internet.
  4. If you re-allow a car, you can immediately start with cheap car insurance.
  5. Deadline for the proper cancellation of car insurance is usually the 30th of November.

So go ahead

First, calculate the cheapest suitable car insurance. Then calculate an offer itself. If you re-register your car, you can immediately choose a favorable contract. If you have found a better contract at the beginning of the year, cancel by 30 November at the latest (check this site for details).


If you want to move a vehicle on public roads, you can not avoid liability insurance. Anyone who causes an accident turns to his liability insurance. This regulates the claims for damages of the accident opponent.

The biggest impact on the premium level in the liability insurance has the no-claims discount of the car owner. Those who have proven their driving skills in years of accident-free driving experience pay significantly less than a novice driver. The policyholder is already classified at the conclusion of the contract in a favorable claim indemnity class.

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