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How to Help Your Employees Develop Better Time Management Skills

Time Management Skills
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As an employer, it can be frustrating seeing your employees wasting their time and not getting their work done as quickly as you know they can. 

Sometimes you tell them over and over the timeframe you want them to have their work done but it lands on deaf ears. Some employees just get overwhelmed with their workload and don’t know how to manage it.

As an employer, you know that time is money, and you want to save as much money as you can. If your employees don’t get their work done in time, then it can lead to them needing to stay longer and make you pay them overtime. In this article, we will discuss ways you can help your employees to manage their time better

Block Certain Websites on Work Computers

Social media websites are a huge distraction for employees in every industry. People spend more time than they realize scrolling through their social media accounts and talking to their friends while they work. 

There are a few types of websites you can have blocked from your company’s Wi-Fi to help improve your employee’s productivity.

  • Social media websites should be blocked from employee wi-fi if possible. However, sometimes this is not a good idea if you are running a company that relies strongly on its social media accounts.
  • Block entertainment and streaming websites. Employees can be easily distracted from their work if they are watching an interesting show or video while they are trying to work.
  • Online shopping websites. It is not uncommon for employees to get distracted from their jobs by using online shopping websites while they are at work.

Too much media consumption on the job does not make a very productive work environment. If you can block out distractions as an employer, then you should do that. Eliminating outside distractions will improve your employees’ overall productivity.

Consider Paying Employees to Attend a Time Management Course

Some employees may struggle with learning how to manage their workload in a timely fashion. Providing your employees with a financial incentive to attend time management courses in the UK can help them learn how to manage their time better. 

It is not right to have your employees attend an unpaid training course and most employees would not show up for that. 

Providing your employees with a financial incentive to attend a time management course can save you money in the long run as an employer. Getting this training out of the way sooner instead of later will help you avoid unnecessary labour costs. 

Most employees don’t like staying at work longer than necessary and most employers don’t like paying employees to stay at work longer than necessary. 

Provide Your Employees Incentives for Finishing Their Work Early

Friendly competition in the workplace can help you boost your productivity in the workplace. Sometimes the best way to help your employees manage their time better is to give them the incentive to finish their work fast. 

There are a few incentives that you can consider providing your employees to motivate them to get their work done faster.

  • You can make a competition out of it by rewarding the employee that finishes their work first for the day with an incentive. Not every incentive needs to be financial. Sometimes an employee will just be happy if they can leave work early for the day.
  • You can offer extra PTO for employees who consistently get their work done in the shortest periods. This can be a monthly or quarterly incentive for your employees to try to get their times faster than their peers.
  • You can surprise employees with the shortest times to get their work done by getting them a gift card on occasion.

Employees want their hard work to be recognized. The fastest way to have your employees lose interest in getting their work done quickly is to never reward them for their work. Employees that experience fewer incentives at work have a hard time staying motivated to get their work done quickly.

Occasionally rewarding employees that finish their work quickly is a great way to keep those employees working hard and to motivate other employees to work quickly also. 

If you have one employee that consistently works fast and one that works slowly but they receive the same congratulations, the employee that works quickly will lose interest in getting their work done fast.

Final Thoughts on Helping Your Employees Develop Better Time Management Skills

As an employer, all these options can help you get your employees to improve their time management skills. The quicker you can have your employees complete their work consistently, then the more money you will be able to save on labour costs. 

Blocking out distractions, paying for training, and providing incentives are all excellent ways to help your employees get their work done efficiently.

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