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Brands that stand out why the human factor makes a big difference

Brand recognition and trust could arguably be considered the golden ticket that helps your business become successful and profitable, giving you a considerable edge over your competition when your brand makes that all-important connection with your audience.

Here is a look at how the human touch can create an advantage and create a brand that works on the fundamental principle that people buy from people.

There is an overview of how to make your business successful by making the most of what the social media platforms have to offer, including a look at how to give your brand personality, how to use each social media platform the right way, plus a tip on using video in a more engaging and personal  way.

Making that emotional connection

Does your brand have a definable personality?

When you stop to think about businesses that seem to be highly automated and efficient in terms of their capability to deliver a product at a good price and on time, it can often be the case that customers eventually tire of that lack of personality and human touch.

Giving customers what they want is no bad thing on its own, but if you want to build the brand and business and create a sense of loyalty through familiarity, social media is a great way of humanizing your brand.

The vast majority of companies have a presence on the major social media sites like Facebook and Twitter but many of them are simply following the trend to use social media rather than using it as a useful tool for engaging in a meaningful way with their customers.

Building a quality relationship

There has never been more so-called big data and social media insights available to marketers than today and this means that your business has an excellent opportunity to connect with your audience in a more human way.

Using data allows you to dig deeper into what your customers want and what is important to them. It is then up to you to use that valuable information to build a relationship that is built on trust and allows you to instantly stand out from the crowd.

Make the most of that connection

Savvy marketers and business owners understand that having a social media presence is way more than just a compulsory function that puts you in line with everyone else.

As someone like Lifetime Media will confirm, most people join social channels expecting to be entertained and engaged, which is where video content can help.

It should be remembered that creating clever marketing platforms on social media can be effective in the short term and can achieve a degree of success in selling your products, but those customers can soon tire of being sold to rather than talked to.

Extending your reach

A good way of viewing social media is to see it as a platform for building a community and a loyal following rather than a one-trick pony that drives sales.

What a lot of customers tend to be looking for from social media platforms are the ability to connect with other human beings on sites like Facebook, learn from sites like Pinterest and Google+, and interact using a site like Twitter.

As you can see these different platforms all often serve a specific purpose in the eyes of users and it is then you to you to engage with your audience across these platforms in the right way.

Using brand videos is a proven strategy that helps you to extend your social media reach, but you have to use them in the right way.

Not just commercials

There is no reason why you can’t create brand videos that are commercials for your products and services but the important caveat is that you should try and do this in a way that manages to engage and connect viewers to your company on a more human level.

You don’t just want to use video to explain to your audience why they need your product so much, instead, it is a case of using the opportunity to reveal the face of your company behind what you are selling.

A good example of how this can work would be to feature a video of you talking to a customer who wants to tell others about the good experience they had dealing with your business.

This reinforces the human touch and helps to build that level of trust that makes such a difference to your business.

Grace Sharpe works with companies on their branding. She shares her thoughts, tips, and ideas relating to branding a business in her articles.

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