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How to increase traffic to your business website

There are many reasons why you need people to be looking at your site. If you sell online, this will boost sales. Otherwise, you can make money from subscriptions or advertising. More eyes means more dollars coming in, in one way or another. Even if your store is located in a great area, you still are likely missing out on customers that could improve your bottom line significantly.

That’s because almost 60% of customers will check their phone before visiting a store. This is even more pertinent if operate a solution-based business. People aren’t likely to wander into your shop just to peruse. Instead, they come to you because they have a specific problem they need to be fixed. By improving your digital profile, website, and marketing tactics you can increase this traffic to your site, and then to your store, but only if you follow these steps:

1.   Audit Your Website

The first step to improving the traffic to your website is to improve the site itself. You don’t want people visiting; you want them reading and engaging. For that to happen the design and content must be optimized.

Before you get ahead of yourself and dive deep into a redesign, you are going to want to know what areas need to be improved, and what areas to keep. A website audit will help you target your efforts more effectively and enjoy a better website overall once finished.

2.   Improve Your Website’s Design

Before you get to the front end of the design you are going to want to improve the:

  • Page Structure – so that the hierarchy is simple and intuitive. You will also want to delete any pages that are not in use.
  • Link Health – Ensure all links work and are active.
  • Site Speed – You may have to change hosting providers to boost speed.
  • Site Security – Add an SSL Certificate and other safety features to your site.

A great way to handle the back-end and front – end of the redesign is to hire a specialised website building agency like PrefaceStudios.com. They can provide you with a very fast, beautiful WordPress website perfect for relaunching your business and gaining more traffic.

3.   Improve Your Website’s Content

You will then want to go through and audit the content of your site. Optimising your content for SEO means investing in keyword research, rewriting the content so that it is descriptive and appeals to both users and algorithms, and that all content is easy to find.

4.   Optimise it for SEO

To optimise your site for SEO even further you will want to create landing pages for each service you offer and each location you work in. To optimise your site for voice search you will want to add in FAQ sections. These tactics will automatically bring in more traffic from local and voice searches.

5.   Work on Creating a Complimentary PPC Campaign

Landing pages aren’t just great for organic reach, either. They can be essential for a successful PPC campaign. With the right landing page you will be able to boost traffic and convert it all at the same time.

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