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Hоw Tо See Which Website Gets The Most Traffic?

Do you own a website? Are you seeking to check out your website ranking? Well! A website ranking by traffic lets you determine your site’s performance and its comparison with its competitors. Besides this, it clarifies how well a content works аndhоwmuсhengаgement it gets. On the other side, you can check out your competitor’s niche and the kind of article you need on your site to indulge your visitors. 

So, this blog specifically focuses on providing you with relevant information about the ways to identify the traffic a website gets. 

What is Website Traffic?

The number of visits to a website is referred to as website traffic.  According to SEO which provides affordable SEO services,  a quantitative statistical indicator can be used to get an idea of the number of users who visit the site. Following a discussion of the definition and calculation of website traffic, one may ask: Where does my website traffic come from? What are the traffic sources? 

However, there are three primary categories of website traffic:

·         Paid search website traffic: The traffic enters the website when someone clicks on Google Ads and other keyword ads on the search engine.

·         Social Media Website traffic: It is called inbound traffic from social networking sites, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter etc.

·         Direct Website Traffic: The traffic that directly enters the website, like from the bookmark bar, when someone enters the URL in the browser or enters the site through the App link.

Tools to Check Website Traffic:

Suppose you want to do an excellent job in Website Ranking By Traffic analysis. In that case, you need to use website analysis tools to regularly check website traffic reports and ranking changes to optimize traffic performance. It’s important to track traffic in highly competitive markets, like Fintech, where a startup needs more attention to details, especially the thriving budgeting apps, or next-generation of multiple banking apps like Prillionaires. Different web analysis tools have tracking strengths. The following will introduce four web analysis tools commonly used by marketers.

·         SEMrush:

SEMrush is a traffic analysis and competitor research tool. It is the best tool for evaluating and tracking Website Ranking By Traffic. If you’re a WordPress beginner, you can use this tool to research the keywords, Keyword Rank Tracking, and so on. 

However, before starting your competitive analysis, it is necessary to check the performance of your website on various parameters.

Also, the three most important things you should know about your website is as follows:

·         Popular natural keywords

·         Natural search location

·         Total number of backlinks

SEMrush can help you gather all this critical information in a matter of minutes.

Google Search Console:

Google Search Console is a set of free website management tools developed by Google that allows you to track and analyse Website Ranking By Traffic. It lets you detect the status of search engine indexing, inclusion and monitor website traffic and keyword ranking changes at any time.

There are a total of four authentication methods for Search Console. The most common one is to directly download the HTML verification file and upload it to the website’s root directory. The other one is to directly use Google Analytics authorization to submit URLs through the Search Console account.

Thus, you can get a detailed description of how search engines view your site traffic data with this website ranking checking tool.

Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is a website analysis tool provided by Google. Because of its powerful functions and free basic version, it has become the most popular data analysis software globally.

Google Analytics is mainly divided into four reports: target audience, customer development, behaviour and conversion reports, which can help us understand users’ journey from inbound browsing to final conversion.

Google Analytics features

·         It let you quantify data in units of page views.

·         You can understand the profile of website visitors, where the traffic comes from, the flow of behaviour after entering the site, and whether the goal conversion has been achieved.

·         The strengths are website traffic source analysis, click attribution (attribution) analysis.

·         It can be used with Google Data Studio to visualize data.


SimilarWeb is a Website Ranking By Traffic analysis tool that shows how much traffic your competitors have and which channels are the most profitable. Similarweb, an online tool developed by an Israeli company in 2007, has been around for more than ten years, and it has continued to evolve during the period.

You can easily find the Similarweb Chrome tool on the Google website. This allows you to gain insight into your website’s traffic strategy as a whole instead of just looking for traffic. The total traffic and reports by country after the launch of the site through the service.

After logging in to SimilarWeb and entering the opponent’s URL, you will probably see the following data:

·         World rankings of different places (SERP Search Engine Result Page)

·         Monthly website traffic

·         The duration of the visitor’s stay, including Bounce Rate

·         Where does the traffic come from?


So, by using the above-shared tools, you can check your Website Ranking By Traffic without any hassle. Analyzing your competitors’ traffic will give you insight into your market and what you can do to increase your traffic. On the other hand, it will show if your SEO, social media, and other traffic generating methods are working.

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