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How to pick the best sign for your business

When setting up a small business, three of the most exciting things to think about are your name, your logo and your brand. Whether you go for a classic, straightforward family name or a funny play on words, you’re gonna need to be confident you’ve made the right choice. Not only could you come to regret it (let’s hope you don’t), but the confidence with which you declare your brand is the confidence your customers will see when they go to your store.

The best way of showing off your brand is through your sign, and there are so many ways you can do it. A cool neon sign could brighten up your business and give your store some energy, or a classic formal sign might be better suited to your line of work. Whatever you do, you need to make sure you avoid any classic mistakes, so this article will take you through some of hot tips for business signage.

Keep It Simple

No matter how extravagant your business plan or your marketing campaign may be, the number one rule for signs is to keep it simple. All the customer needs to know is what sort of store or office they are entering. No matter how tempting it can be to put a description of your business or a funny motto on your new sign, all the customer wants to know is what you are selling.

There is no doubt that the extra detail could draw some extra customers into your store, but most people won’t have time to read it, and they’ll be put off if you start to ramble on about your ‘vision’. You need them to know your name, and they want to know what you do, so that is really all the information there needs to be. Of course, you should still keep it in line with your brand and image, but there’s no need to overdo it.

What’s Your Aesthetic?

Speaking of branding, the next big thing to think about is what sort of vibe you are going for. Different establishments can benefit from different looks, so think about what your line of business is and what you want it to be seen as.

Hair salon neon signs are a good idea. The business wants to look youthful and vibrant, and would like to attract people who want the same, so the bright lights would work. The same goes for bars and social spaces. However, you probably wouldn’t trust a law firm in neon, and a DIY store might attract the wrong crowd.

Realistically, you know your look better than anyone, and you can choose the sign to match. That includes everything from the font to the frame, and different choices will give different impressions. As long as you stay on brand, you should do just fine.

Avoid Classic Mistakes

It’s all well and good saying you should stay in line with your brand, but some people still make classic mistakes which ruin their business in the short term. There’s a bunch of tropes that we’ve all seen before, and they happen time and time again. The most famous one is spelling, but sometimes a misplaced apostrophe can be a good talking point for people walking past.

The real problems are when businesses misjudge their logo and that choice of color. In an attempt to seem youthful, a big curvy font might seem like a good idea, but it normally just looks lazy and unprofessional. Keeping it simple really is important, but there are certain standards you should follow if you want to seem respectable.

Color choice can be a problem too. If you can get away with a neon sign then that’s great, but most businesses couldn’t. You’ve got to think about how it will look. A shiny white sign will attract attention but it might be problematic on a sunny day. Dark colors might not do too well if you open at night. The best advice is that you should stand out from the crowd, but without going over the top. If you can be noticeable but not problematic, you should avoid these classic mistakes and do just fine.

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