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How to renew the trademark registration

A lot of businesses have already started the trademark registration in Dubai because they are very clear about the fact that it is really important as well as helpful for the health of their business. There would be no business who would not want to protect his business name from getting copies. Trademark registration that is why is a very good option to consider.

Trademark is an asset that protects the business brand in a lot of ways. By registering the brand name, the company gets all the rights over the mark. This saves the company from getting its name copied by someone else.

Trademark can be anything. It can be a sound, a slogan, a logo, brand name or more. The person can register it after completing the whole process and he can get the authority of its trademark.

Trademark renewal and its importance

Just like the trademark registration is important similarly, the renewal of the existing trademark is also important. when you register the mark, you do not register it for all your life. There is an expiry date for it as well just like everything else in this world. That is why you need to keep the track of the trademark so that you may renew it whenever the respective time arrives.

Duration of trademark

The duration in with the person can have the perks regarding the trademark is 10 years. Right after the ten years of registration, the trademark will no more have the value it possessed before. So, if the company is still interested in its trademark, it can renew it. Otherwise, not.

Trademark renewal application

After the duration of the trademark is over, the company must submit an application in order to get the rights over the mark again. For this purpose, the registration certificate copy of the trademark along with the new as well as legalized power of attorney (POA) is also needed.

How much time does it take to complete the renewal application process?

Well, it takes about 30 days to complete all the actions that are needed to renew the trademark of the company.

How much does it cost to renew the trademark?

When the company approaches for the renewal of the mark, it has to pay about AED 12000. The money is to be paid on time with the application in order to proceed with the process timely.

The procedure of trademark renewal in UAE

Submission of application

After the ten years of trademark registration in UAE, the company must move on towards the renewal of the mark by submitting the application

Payment processing

The payment is processed prior to the completion of the registration renewal process.


The trademark is published in the local newspapers (2 of them) in Arabic so that if anyone has any objection, he may come up on time.

The process of renewal is quite easy but you should still be on time so that you may not have to face any problem while renewing the mark. This may save you from different troubles on the way. To learn more about business set and trademark registration click here.

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