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How to sell Chinese antiques fast

Chinese antiques have always carried an allure of elegance and grandeur without being too over-the-top. The market is teeming with buyers who are in search of authentic pieces they can either use or add to their own collection. 

If you’re wanting to sell Chinese antiques and sell them fast, here are some pointers from antique experts to help you out along the way. 

Tips In Selling Chinese Antiques 

1. Appraisal 

Much like selling property, you’re going to have to get in touch with a certified appraiser. This method is a fool-proof manner of making sure that you’ll be able to price your wares without short-changing yourself or going the other extreme of over-pricing. 

Through an appraisal and inspection, you’ll have a clearer understanding of the value of your goods. Not only will this aid in price-tag setting, but it will also provide you with background information for when you’ll be talking to potential buyers. 

Also, be sure to partner with a legitimate appraisal group so as not to fall trap into scammers’ schemes. It happens, folks. So check their background, ask for recommendations, as well as for certifications. 

2. Check The Market 

Second, go online and review what the market scene is like for antiques. There are tons of sellers who are willing to mediate between you and buyers. If that’s the route you want to traverse, by all means, go ahead. But much like our tip above, verify their legitimacy. 

Contrarily, if you want to sell your antiques yourself, the same practice should take place. Take a look at the market and compare rates and goods with yours. It will give you an idea of how competitive (or not) your items are. 

3. Antique Listings And Ads 

Thirdly, post your items online. Go on listings and advertise what you’re selling on there. You can choose the local sites. There might be fewer listings depending on your area but it’s a step. At the same time, you can pay a bit more to have your antiques listed on larger, national platforms. 

Additionally, spread the word around. Have your family, friends, and colleagues share your posts on social media regarding what you’re selling. Take good photos of your antiques. Or if you can hire a professional photographer, all the better. 

4. Communication Channels 

With many other sellers out there, you’re going to want to stand out. Aside from good listings with matching professionally-take images, keep your communication lines open. Whether it’s through online platforms or over the phone, be quick to respond to inquiries from potential buyers. 

Remember that you’re only seconds away from being able to grab hold of their attention before they decide to select another seller. Of course, that’s beside the fact that you might have an item that’s completely unique from others’. 

Furthermore, be clear about your prices and about the background information you’ll provide them regarding the items. Leave the embellishments to the Chinese antiques and not in your conversations. 

There’s a difference between upselling and over-selling. Sell your products as they are. At the end of the day, your potential buyers are going to want to have a firsthand look of your items and they should reflect the description you’ve posted online, or mentioned over prior conversations. 

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