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Viatcheslav Kantor and art

Russia, since almost the last decades, turned out as a strong marketplace for the artwork. This is happening because the art collectors like Dr. Viatcheslav Kantor are collecting the artwork of their ancestors that they lost during their revolution in the year 1917.

Dr. Viatcheslav Kantor Inclination Towards Art

Just like all other Russians, Dr. Viatcheslav Kantor inclination towards arts and culture of Jews is something that was driving his actions towards art collection. Dr. Viatcheslav Kantor, an eminent businessman and public figure as a philanthropist decided in 2007 decided to add his contribution in collecting the artwork back to Russia, from the foreign owners.

What Compelled Dr. Viatcheslav Kantor To Build Museum ofAvant-Garde Mastery?

For the very first time when Dr. Viatcheslav Kantor’s mind clicked the idea of making a museum that would contain all the past art pieces of Russian artists was when he visited the Tretyakov Gallery. He was so much impressed by the paintings that he thought that this is something that an ordinary person cannot possibly do. The paintings looked so fascinating that he decided that he will take this responsibility bringing them back home.

As he came to know that these artists took almost 20 years to paint one picture, these figures were extraordinary for Dr. Viatcheslav Kantor. He thought to himself that how can a person dedicates 20 years of his life to make one masterpiece. According to him, he decided to devote his efforts to this heavenly journey. The result of this decision was then translated into Museum of Avant-Garde Mastery (MAGMA).

Foundation of Museum of Avant-Garde Mastery (MAGMA)

Dr. Viatcheslav Kantor put the foundation stone of this museum back in 2007. His motto behind this amazing step was to collect the artwork from other countries, especially Britain. In London, from time to time, many auction events are held where the art pieces of Russian artists are sold. Dr. Viatcheslav Kantor took the task of collecting most of them to bring the heritage back home.

Dr. Viatcheslav Kantor along with other influential of Russia successfully started this journey. Now several philanthropists, business persons, and other influences of the nation are contributing their part in of Museum of Avant-Garde Mastery.

What Make ofMuseum of Avant-Garde Mastery Different from Other Museums?

First of all, the people who are engaged in the cause of this museum are non-comparable to others. These are some of the very prominent figures of Russia, such as Nobel Peace Prize winners, internationally recognized philanthropists, and Dr. Viatcheslav Kantor himself.

The second most outstanding fact about Museum of Avant-Garde Mastery is that it has collected almost all the artwork of 20th and 21st century. According toDr. Viatcheslav Kantor, this museum has the most modern art pieces of some great artists of the past, which probably no other museum in Russia could have.

Dr. Viatcheslav Kantor and his work for bringing back the heritage of art back to Russia are remarkable. It was he who started this mission,and he is still working on it to get all the art pieces back home.

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