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How to use games to improve performance at work

All through the ages, people had an inferior option on video games. They were thought to be an ideal pastime only for kids and even then only after all the other “more important” tasks have been completed. Every game lover would have at least one if not more memories of being schooled on the advantages of physical exercise and outdoor activities over playing video games. But today all that is changing. Even adults today are indulging in online games with pure gaming such as games of scratch played online on the increase by the day. There is finally research on how games can have positive effects on people and even the possibility of how games can be used to improve performance at work.

So, how are video games useful, and is it possible to improve performance at work with the help of gaming? Yes, games can improve performance at work and here is why:

The results of a recent research

Recently, researchers decided to determine once and for all, whether games can have a positive effect on work performance. So they collected a group of people who were all unknown to each other. These people were divided into three groups, and each group had to complete a task where they had to guess popular places through hints. To prepare for the task the first group was given individual homework, the second group goal-training and the third were asked to play team video games, each for 45 minutes. When it came to the actual performance, it was observed that the team that played video games for 45 minutes had the best average scores!

So, it was determined that video games could improve a person’s performance, the reasons for it being:

Gaming betters your brain activity

Experts think that video games are a great way to train your brain. They help as memory-building exercises and can also contribute to building your cognitive ability. All this translates to making the right decisions quickly in real life.

Gaming builds team spirit

Another positive effect of gaming is that it brings people together. It helps break the ice and helps people understand how best to work with each other. Gaming goes a long way in bettering the relationships between people and also helps them build a team dynamic that works.

Gaming can be a great stress buster

Stress is an ever-present aspect of our life. Though it is harmful to our health as well as our relationships, there is no way we can avoid it in the current scenario. So, the best way to eliminate the adverse effects of stress is to find ways to get over it. Gaming can be a great stress buster. Blasting away at a virtual enemy, even if it is a group of smirking pigs can help us forget sweating about the little things in life. This way we become more cheerful as well as easier to deal with!

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