Turning waste into wealth
An ICI case study

Page 1: Introduction

The challenge facing the world economy today is to provide sustainable approaches to economic growth. Industrial processes have the potential to provide better living standards, improved education and health care. However, careless industrialisation can lead to negative development, such as pollution - a difficult and expensive problem to solve, which can often lead to the quality of living...
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Page 2: Research

For more than a decade, ICI Polyurethanes researched methods to recover and re-use agricultural byproducts, by exploring and creating new international markets. This resulted in the development of a new process that uses RUBINATE and SUPRASEC Binders to transform these fibres within the products into a highquality performance board. This manufacturing process, (known as ECO-Binding Technology...
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Page 3: New products

Until the arrival of ECO-Binding Technology, it was often felt that boards made from agricultural by products - such as sugar cane bagasse, wheat straw and rice hulls - would be substandard. However, ICI has put an end to such concerns by using RUBINATE and SUPRASEC Binders as the resin. These binders result in strong physic al and chemical bonds (previous resins had only been able to create a...
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Page 4: Global perspectives

Having researched and developed a superior product, it was important for ICI to ensure it was well placed to beat It’s global competitors in the ECO Binding Technology industry. ICI knew the strength of its product. The company knows that, compared to standard particle board, ECO-Binding Technology based products have a number of benefits, not least of which is a reduction in emissions and...
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Page 5: The challenge

It is not enough to have the technology and knowledge to create sustainable solutions. The company had to be able to translate these opportunities into a successful business. ICI, therefore decided to let a number of pioneer organisations use the new technology in North America and other key locations. It was essential to build up outstanding relationships with these pioneer organisations. After...
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Page 6: Conclusion

These by-products can now benefit sustainable development in their countries of origin and create significant world-wide economic opportunities. In the future, the agricultural belts of Europe, the Americas and Asia will show increased economic prosperity, job opportunities and the expansion of the farmer’s one harvest economy into two.Today, demand for ECO-Binding Technology products...
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