Marketing solutions via technology


When Michael Marks and Tom Spencer became partners in 1894, they could not have imagined what they were creating. Their energy, drive and enthusiasm laid the foundations for the development of a business, which has now become one of the UK’s leading retail chains with a unique market position. Millions of people shop in Marks & Spencer every day and to these millions, Marks & Spencer represents a range of thousands of exciting products of the highest quality and outstanding value. In the UK, Marks & Spencer’s operate 285 stores of differing types:Departmental Stores 39Town Centre 206Edge-of-Town or Neighbourhood 40 Additionally, on a worldwide basis, there are a further 88 stores as well as 78 franchise shops. Marks & Spencer also owns Brooks Brothers which has 157 shops in the USA and Japan, and Kings Super Markets with 20 stores in the USA. Any business that becomes a household name, creates customer expectations and customers are now far more knowledgeable, sophisticated and demanding. In a changing world, a retail organisation’s ability to meet these expectations is not only a function of the products it offers but also depends on how it approaches and provides the needs of its customers. In...

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