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Ideas you can use to start a new business – from home

Every year thousands of people start a business with some very old, and some surprising new ideas. Since most people can expect at least two careers in their lifetime, many individuals choose a second or third career that they enjoy, and one that can run from their home. If you are looking for ideas to start a new business, here are some to get you thinking.

1. Cleaner

If you are one of those rare people that love cleaning, you can easily start a business in the world around you. If you live near water, there are always boats that need their hulls cleaned, living quarters straightened, and decks scrubbed. Homes have closets that need to be organized, and businesses have rooms filled with boxes that need to be inventoried and coordinated. Don’t forget about car interior maintenance when advertising your services. There are millions of cars begging to be detailed.

2. Landscaper

If you love working in the outdoors, a landscaper could be the job that draws your attention. With so many tasks that need to be done all year long, the landscaper is in high demand. The spring is when people want the landscaper to tidy their yard, while summer means garden and plant care are prominent. Fall brings preparation for the coming cold weather, and winter means keeping yards free of snow, windblown debris, and cleaning gutters.

3. Party Planner

If you don’t mind working with frantic people, consider becoming a party planner. Since parties are multi-million-dollar events across the United States each year, it makes sense to create a business that is in high demand. From children’s birthdays to adult celebrations, there is a never-ending supply of people willing to hire the party planner. Don’t forget, you can also plan weddings and other celebratory events, too.

4. Word Services

With the change from books to online word pages, there are a huge number of individuals needed for word related internet services every year. From indexing to proofreading to copywriting, if you are good at spotting other people’s typos, there is a job for you in copyediting. Don’t forget about online book writing, vlogs, and SEO production. If you are exceptional with words, start a business ghostwriting, book doctoring, or developmental editing.

5. Coach

Do you enjoy telling other people what to do, but you can still keep a smile on your face when they don’t listen to you? If so, then coaching may be a business you can excel like Mark Stevens did when he decided to oversee investment classes. So, you can see that from tutoring school subjects to teaching horseback riding, there are numerous areas that need coaches. Don’t forget about music teachers, gym trainers, and golf instructors.

6. Organizer

If you love sorting through other people’s junk and organizing the dark recesses of closets that haven’t seen the light in years, you can start a business as an organizer. Although many people believe the minimalist approach to organization is new, it is not. Homeowners and business management teams have employed organizers for decades. Make sure you go to the job with questionnaires and checklists so that you understand what is expected of you. You don’t want to waste your time or misunderstand a consultation.

7. Inspector

If your last job was in construction, you might want to branch off and begin a home inspection business. Using your knowledge of how things should be constructed will help you find problems as you assess homes that are about to be sold or purchased. This type of job does require licensing, but with your knowledge, passing the exam will be a breeze.

8. Creator

If you like working with your hands, there are many businesses for you to consider when you want to begin one of your own. If you love fabrics, you can become a one-of-a-kind interior designer to the stars. If you prefer working with metal and precious gems, become a jewelry designer and creator. If you prefer wood, there is a large demand for high-end furniture from woodworkers with an eye for detail and precision.

9. Personal chef

If you love cooking and can take criticism from people that don’t cook, become a personal chef. You can either prepare weekly meals and deliver the food each week, or you can work exclusively for one or two families to create evening meals. The personal chef can also be called upon for party food production and event planning menus.

10. Personal Shopper

A personal shopper is an ideal job for those individuals that love to browse through stores for the perfect clothing items. You don’t have to be stuck in a boutique helping shoppers find flattering clothing. You can begin a business that caters to the big spenders that want clothing delivered to them. Sometimes this requires finding an elusive item of clothing or an accessory, while other times, it requires looking through thrift stores for the perfect vintage apparel item for a big event.

You can become an entrepreneur and start a home business that fits you perfectly. All you need is an idea, some financing, and lots of advertising.

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