Identifying and creating new markets - a new strategy for a global leader
An Intel case study

Page 1: Introduction

Nearly everyone is aware of Intel. It is the world's fifth most valuable brand valued at around $35 billion. Most of the world's personal computers are driven by Intel microprocessors. By concentrating on producing great microprocessors Intel was able to leave its competitors behind. The company invested billions of dollars in highly productive manufacturing plants that could produce more...
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Page 2: Developing a new strategy

Organisations live or die as a result of the strategies they choose. A business strategy is a plan for the whole organisation. The strategy must fit with the business environment - the changing world in which the business exists. Intel has been at the centre of a growing industry for over thirty years. However, the growth in the sales of personal computers is slowing down in a very...
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Page 3: Launching a new strategy

When an organisation changes, it is important to communicate the nature of that change so that everyone knows about it. Typically, this means: externally to customers, partners, suppliers, the media, etc internally to staff. On January 5th, 2006 Intel launched its new strategy at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The high-profile launch featured the hip-hop band Black Eyed...
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Page 4: Developing new products

In our fast changing modern world, it is essential to find out what consumers want and need. It is possible to predict trends and developments. Because Intel is at the leading edge of technological developments it is well placed to anticipate consumer requirements. In addition, it uses customer focus groups to find out what they think of the scenarios for the future that Intel anticipates...
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Page 5: Restructuring Intel around its market

Intel built its early success on providing ingredients for personal computers with its prime driver being technology. It was dominated by engineers and worked closely with Microsoft and PC manufacturers such as Dell, Compaq and IBM. The new strategycontinues the emphasis on producing excellent products. However, there is now a strong focus on marketing- finding out what customers want and...
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Page 6: Conclusion

Intel is one of the success stories of the high-tech world. It provides vital components for personal computing. Now the company is moving forward into a range of new and exciting products and markets with a much stronger focus on marketing.
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