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IronFX: Online Forex Trading Guide

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IronFX has made its mission around the central trading concept of speed. That quality is consciously built into the processes the broker is concerned with. Regardless it is trades or client registration, speed is of great importance. Needless to add, non-stop control over bids and a full track of market transformations also advise IronFX’s market behaviour.

IronFX review: the broker’s staying ahead

IronFX was created with the trader in mind. For that vital speedy market performance, you have access to the subsequent terms of service:

  • Instant execution;
  • Cross-functional platform;
  • Multi-device trading apps;
  • 350+ tradable assets;
  • Fast withdrawals;
  • Top-class data safety.

What is IronFX? or Is IronFX legit? Or Is IronFX a legit company?

Notesco Limited bears the trade name IronFX. Labuan laws form the basis of the company’s incorporation. IronFX is licensed. IronFX is regulated by Financial Conduct Authority, CySEC and ASIC. As regards the question of legitimacy, yes, the broker is totally legit without any IronFX scandal.

IronFX review: how IronFX facilitates trader education

Scrutinizing market dynamics, making bids with accurate timing, assessing market analytics, employing the whole range of trading instruments asks for knowledge and skill. IronFX has a learning centre full of the most current resources on trading, Markets, analytics, and instruments. Moreover, client traders may pick any learning path for constant growth compatible with your trading level.

  • Courses;
  • Economic calendar;
  • VODs;
  • Tutorials;
  • e-books;
  • Articles;

IronFX review: trading platforms @speed par excellence

Among its trading platforms, IronFX has used both Metatrader 4 and WebTrader. IronFX brags of WebTrader being a great solution if you are unenthusiastic as regards downloads, striving for a synchronised account, full syncing with the browser of your preference, and all desirable functions together in one place. Furthermore, WebTrader characteristics promise great speed as well.

  • Analytical toolkit;
  • Order history;
  • One-click trading option;
  • Various trade execution modes.

Open and close your position with just a click. That’s inherently in sync with live charts. Also, the ultimate factors facilitating trailblazing trade execution speeds are a trailing stop function,2 markets, 4 pending, and 2 stop orders. Targeting trading customisation was never easier!

You inherently have the most instantaneous access to customisable bars and technical indicators with IronFX.

Order history is a reliable keeper of records of victories and defeats. Learning from defects, the IronFX review suggests we commit ourselves nearer to a habit of winning. In place of a trading journal, order history works just fine.

Funds withdrawal is a service that may be used only by clients who have uploaded identification documents and whose trading accounts are broker-approved.

To shield you from fraud IronFX may ask for additional information and/or proof of identity to be submitted prior to processing a withdrawal request. If it is your first time making a withdrawal you will have to make sure that you upload relevant ID documents for authentication. Name, address, and date of birth must be shown clearly on said documents.

All initial withdrawal requests are to be verified for reasons of safety and security. The client can do this by submitting a bank statement to IronFX showing account holder information and details.

IronFX review: salient features

  • Inherent platform support;
  •  Live chat and dedicated support;
  • Free educational hub.
  • Multiple chart windows comparing diverse assets;
  • Real-time balance level;
  • Automatic stop loss/ take profit functions;
  • In platform price alerts;
  • 1 click account switching.
  • Best trading environment

The broker is pledged to make your trading experience fault-free. It provides professional trading conditions across a wide product range, including low-latency connectivity and premium pricing;

  • Personalised service and attention

Nightcap believes in personalising its service to fit the trader’s experience and needs. With ready help from its customer support staff, you will be hitting the ground running; 

  • Intuitive platform

IronFX review understands that trading platforms can be awe-inspiring. That is why it has put emphasis on the manner in which you are introduced to the trading platforms that the broker does employ in the service of clients.

Traders use leverage to open larger positions and control bigger trades, sans the need for a bigger bank balance. With margins as low as two percent, using leverage translates into retail traders affording to open bigger positions. Leverage in forex trading amplifies profits. In case a position moves in your favour, and your leverage is 2:1, your profits would be double that of a 1:1 position.

Contingent upon the broker, leverage ratios may vary on forex pairs or financial assets available to retail traders.

Is IronFX safe? IronFX review


IronFX has made a direct objective that your funds be safe in its guardianship. IronFX is constantly setting great emphasis on creating and supporting a secure environment for trading. IronFX keeps Internal procedures that will shield the client’s privacy and funds.

It is noteworthy that IronFX makes sure clients’ funds are kept separate from broker corporate operating accounts. The former is deposited in top-tier banking institutions.

According to FCA (UK), ASIC (Australia) and CySEC (Cyprus) guidelines, IronFX has pushed for

  • Account segregation

Your money is in the safekeeping of top tier banks.

  • Tech solutions

Firewalls and SSL software,

  • Money laundry protection

This guarantees legitimacy across the range of broker services. IronFX scam pays importance to AML policies.

IronFX assures clients that it holds sufficient liquid funds to absorb significant adverse market movements. It has a dedicated Compliance Department. There’s daily internal monitoring of the broker’s financial requirements. The latest audited account reports can be had just by getting in touch with the broker’s customer support staff. IronFX scams ought not to worry prospective clients.

How to use IronFX?

Common across all three account types are the following trading instruments:

  • 10 Futures;
  • 166 stocks;
  • 30 cryptocurrency pairs;
  • 40 Forex currency pairs;
  • 17 commodities;
  • 12 indices;

With IronFX, you are assured of the following benefits:

  • Lowest trading costs with highly competitive spreads on offer;
  • Trading on leverage may empower traders to profit from incremental price movements;
  • Open short and long positions with a comparatively small initial deposit.

The minimum lot size across the account types is 0.01. Max lot size per trade is 50.

The broker, thus, has 350 CFD financial instruments across a number of categories. The assets traded through the IronFX platform are grouped as follows:

  • Cryptocurrencies market,
  •  Metal trading,
  • ETF Trading.
  • Forex trading,
  • Indices trading,
  • Stock market.


How does IronFX work? Due to the transparent presence of legal documents on the broker website. IronFX works in sync with and is accountable to pertinent Malaysian laws, rules and regulations. Security and speed. What more could a trader ask for!

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