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The best Forex EA in 2019 is…

The year 2018 was all about automated trading and this trend is going to stay and grow in 2019. Present-day trader is more informed and knowledgeable than ever before. Unlike in the past when traders had no other choice except to spend a lot of time doing market research and observing and identifying pairs that can increase their chances of success, today’s trader can invest in a forex robot to generate passive income for themselves.

First, How Do We Judge EAs?

The question is how we can select the best forex EAs that can increase our win ratio in today’s fast evolving forex world. Professional and experienced traders generally opt for a 3-step process that can help them identify the best of the best.

Based on Strategy

Strategy is certainly the one thing you can’t take for granted before purchasing forex robot for your trades. The EA’s trading strategy should match up with your individual trading style. For instance, if you’re a scalper, you should pick a robot that makes use of scalping technique.

Based On Results

Prior to selecting the forex robot for yourself, you should check the verification of its accounts on numerous available third-party websites like Myfxbook. As these websites always publish genuine results for different EAs, you can have a clear idea about the previous performance of the product.

Based On Client Feedback

Another way to assess the credibility of the forex EA is to skim through different available review websites and forex forums to see what other sellers have to say about the product. You have to be extremely careful before trusting any specific sources as there are a number of fraudulent websites that publish fake product reviews to increase their sales. Thus be certain to check independent websites only that includes reliable, unbiased reviews and testimonials for the traders.

Forex Fury is This Year’s Top Pick

Forex Fury is a forex robot introduced by the same popular team of developers who have developed Forex Steam. If you review the product’s official website, you’ll come to know that this product successfully fulfills all of the above listed essentials. Also, forex Fury has been nominated as the top automated solution for two consecutive years.

Forex Fury Strategy

As far as strategy is concerned, Forex Fury offers a practical time-restricted scalping strategy that can smoothly work on M15 timeframe. As Forex Fury can seamlessly work on a variety of currency pairs, it provides traders with an opportunity to diversify their investment. Time restricted strategy is said to be incredibly useful when traders are working with limited capital and want to keep the risk factor as minimum as possible that can lead to greater returns and reduced chances of loss.

Apart from user-friendly, result-driven strategy, adaptability is another benefit that comes handy with the Forex Fury EA. It gives traders a chance to use this resource in a host of different ways. This EA is compatible with NFA, FIFO and other platforms that make it possible for traders to place trades according to their unique trading style. Forex Fury also supports money management strategy that works in collaboration with the low-risk strategy to ensure high profits. Also, this approach gives new traders lots of freedom to start with limited investment and place trades without thinking much about the risk of loss.

The Result Factor

As mentioned above, the selection of a forex EA should be based on the past performance of the product. Forex Fury has verified trading accounts on Myfxbook which can act as an assurance for the traders that their hard-earned money won’t go down the drain if they invest in this product.

Positive Client Feedback

Online trading has transformed the way people used to invest their money earlier.  It gives interested investors an opportunity to invest their capital from the comfort of their homes. But the element of risk has also made it difficult for the traders to trust any source they see online. With huge list of features and benefits, Forex Fury platform, however, is persuasive enough for the traders. According to Forex Fury Developers, they’ll make every possible effort to make Forex Fury a great choice for the traders. The regular updates is also an added advantage that helps traders keep updated with the recent advancements and market changes. Not only Forex Fury’s official website lists some great client testimonials, you can also find positive reviews on independent review websites and third-party forex forums vouching for the credibility of the Forex Fury EA.

Conclusion – #1 EA Is Forex Fury

Based on the factors of strategy, results and client feedback, Forex Fury is undoubtedly the BEST EA available so far. The developers are hopeful to add some great features in future. All in all, if you expect great results in reasonable span of time, Forex Fury is the best product to put your faith in.

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