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Is cannabis addictive?

Is cannabis addictive

One-third of the weed abusers develop some form of a weed use disorder, which in several conditions can become addiction But the question of concern is can someone get addicted to marijuana? A study found that some users who used to smoke 10 joints of pot daily for about 10 years were unable to quit pot. So, yes consuming products of cannabis like Pineapple Express and flyte pen can be addictive. So, let’s explore in this article how much pot is too much and when a regular routine of smoking can become an addiction and what is the reason behind it.

When a person consumes a lot of cannabis regularly it can have negative effects on the daily lifestyle and you can’t regulate it. So, yes you may be addicted. Consuming cannabis regularly, say if a person smokes weed every day for a longer period of time – in months or years, changes the way the body interacts with cannabis. This condition worsens if one starts using before the age of 16. This is alarming as now with legalization anyone can buy weed online. The dependence on marijuana happens when the brain gets adapted to the high consumption of cannabis and reduces the production of endocannabinoids. This is quite hard for medical patients who need to use marijuana daily for treatment. So one has to go through various withdrawal symptoms when one tries to stop the use of cannabis. 

What is Cannabis Use Disorder and how is it diagnosed?

When using cannabis leads to some prominent distress or impairment including health problems, unable to work at the office, school, or home and memory loss is called Cannabis Use Disorder by the Government of Canada. This patient with this condition can be diagnosed but the user must show a minimum of two of the symptoms from the list given below for over a 12 months period. 

Cannabis Use Disorder symptoms Mental include:

  • Regular craving
  • Anger or aggression or irritation
  • Anxiety and nervousness
  • Insomnia, unable to sleep and seriously disturbing dreams
  • Loss of appetite and abnormal loss of weight
  • Stress and restlessness
  • Depression

Cannabis Use Disorder symptoms Physical include:

  • Stomach and abdominal pain
  • Regular shakiness and tremor
  • Frequent fever and sweating
  • Headache          

When you try to withdraw from the use of cannabis and you happen to exhibit at least 1 of the physical symptoms and at least 2 of the mental symptoms of Cannabis Use Disorder. Such symptoms start typically after 2-3 days of stopping daily or nearly daily buying marijuana online and these symptoms last a few weeks or buying weed in Canada. Some factors are also responsible for getting addicted to weed more likely. For example, men are more likely to get addicted than women. If a user starts using cannabis at an early age especially before the age of 16then the chances of getting addicted to cannabis increase. The development of the brain continues till the age of 25 years and the chances of addiction increase when you start in this age period.

The elements that can increase the addiction or risk of Cannabis Use Disorder include:

  • History of alcohol or drug addiction in the family
    • Less income
    • Heredity or genetics
    • Being man
    • Trauma
    • Regular anti-social behaviour 
    • Persistent cigarette smoking
    • Frequent cigarette smoking
    • An affirmative response to the use of cannabis 

Since the legalization of weed and even before that no case of death from cannabis use has been reported while yes addiction to cannabis does exist. Even the use of cannabis to increase appetite just like turinabol or even to treat medical conditions may have chances of developing habits that lead to addiction. So if you suspect you have a problem then you can consult a professional.

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