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Is it time to buy a new smartphone?

Some people upgrade their phones on a regular basis. To be exact, whenever Apple launches a new iPhone or Android announces a new Galaxy. Of course, not everyone considers themselves tech-savvy definition nor do they feel like switching out their old phone is a necessity.

However, an aging smartphone is one that denies certain functions and lags when you need it the most. In fact, it your phone is ready for retirement if you experience some or all of the following:

1. Is your touchscreen response time lagging?

You may start to notice that when you tap or swipe, your phone starts to lag. There may come a time when it ignores certain commands altogether while choosing to listen to others. If this is the case with your phone, an upgrade can ensure you’re literally on the same page.

2. Is your screen looking like a spiderweb?

Honestly, most people just continue using their phones even if a screen is cracked. After all, you can adjust to virtually anything, and that includes a cracked spiderweb that appears to spread only on occasion. The reality is that a new smartphone is not only brighter and better, but it is easier on your eyes preventing vision strain.

3. Is your battery life bad enough that you have to plan your day around charging?

An aging phone drains battery power quickly. It’s not uncommon to leave for work and by lunchtime discover the phone doesn’t have enough juice. Upgrading your phone can prevent a draining battery along with plenty of frustration. The only time it makes sense that your battery drains quickly is if you watch a lot of videos or use interactive content. Otherwise, a new phone is in order.

4. Is your phone randomly shutting down?

A telltale sign that it’s time to break up with your phone is when you start to notice it randomly shuts down and starts up again. Even more frustrating is sometimes, it outright refuses to turn on. You will also notice a significant lag when you try to power on your phone. Saying goodbye and opting for a newer model can ensure predictability and function.

5. Are your photos and videos looking grainy?

Old phones often shoot video footage and capture photos in a manner akin to shooting through a dirty screen door. Oftentimes, pixelated images, out of focus subject matter and a grainy appearance are all proof that your smartphone needs replacement.

6. Are you constantly running out of storage?

A basic upgrade at the bare minimum nets you 16GB of storage space. When shooting footage and images in high resolution, the more space your phone has, the better! Of course, 16GB may still not be enough, but fortunately for you, there are plenty of tips online as to how you can survive with smaller storage.

7. Does your phone flip open by any chance?

Old flip phones were considered cutting edge once, but there’s nothing like the fun of swiping to answer a phone call. Touchscreens are modern phones and they are so much fun to use! In fact, if you make the switch, you’ll remember your phone as a thing of the past.

8. Is plugging your headphones in becoming an art form?

Older phones often have malfunctioning jacks and the only way to get them to work is by twisting the headphone jack. It’s a careful manoeuvre that simply reminds you how inadequate your old phone is. If you have Bluetooth capabilities, it is the only way you can use a pair of headphones.

9. Are people having trouble understanding what you say?

Old phones don’t always drop calls, but they do make it nearly impossible for your voice to come through the line. Your speech may sound warbled or distorted in some way, in fact, you may start to dread calling others or answering your phone. Texting is your only option at this point, but buying a new phone is a better one!

10. Is your phone 3G?

3G networks are a thing of the past, and making the upgrade to a 4G network is life-changing. Your new network delivers speeds ten times greater, but the rumour mill says that 5G networks are the future. Get ready with a phone that can access it all!

Is it time for you to upgrade? Check out www.smartphonechecker.co.uk to find to best deal for you.

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