Building a brand in order to sustain its life cycle
A Kellogg's case study

Page 5: Conclusion

If a business wants to make a product's total sales grow, it must carefully consider how best to extend its life cycle.

By creating the powerbrand 'All-Bran' and providing the right sort of well researched promotional support, Kellogg has been able to inject renewed vigour into a family of related products. Through appropriate promotional activities and more relevant messages, Kellogg has re-awakened consumers' interest in products that can play an important part in developing a healthy diet in a health-conscious world.

Regular campaigns of promotional activity are helpful in enabling all organisations to sustain their own life cycle and those of their brands and products. It is early days in evaluating the success of the marketing activity supporting All-Bran but the signs are good.

Kellogg's | Building a brand in order to sustain its life cycle



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