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Learn 6 steps towards a Feng Shui office space

The office is very crucial in the world of Feng Shui given its role in the maintenance and creation of financial wellness as well as the health and welfare of your family.

Everything from the colour of your walls and the artwork adorning them to the positioning of the desk are factors in this.

The following are 6 practical tips from Feng Shui that you can use to create a supportive and enjoyable workspace:

1) Make your space clutter-free: When your office is clutter-free, you welcome in the positive energy of ‘chi’ which brings good financial health with it. Whether it’s in small doses or broad sweeps, make sure your office is set up in such a way that you can easily move around, think, work, and be creative.

2) Make sure your desk is in the command position: The crucial nature of the command position simply can’t be overstated, because taking full control over your space will put in you good control of your personal success.

3) Balance the energies of Yin and Yang: Offices by nature need more masculine Yang energy and not so much of the feminine Yin. You can engender an atmosphere of productivity and calm using lively colors that aren’t jarring and good lighting.

4) Let the Bagua Map bring your desk or workspace Intention: This essential Feng Shui tool means you have the chance to focus on your reputation and enhance it, enhancing your income and critical business relationships.

5) Identify what kind of business you do: Whether you’re working from a home a corner office, or a cubicle, knowing why you have this particular office is going to inspire and motivate the best work you can do. Hang pictures of past successes, put up your mission statement, or just throw up your logo. This is a small yet robust engine for persistence through it all.

6) Balance the five elements of Feng Shui: You can easily accomplish elemental balance in your office. Wood can be represented by a strong and vigorous plant, whereas merit awards and good lighting show fire. The element of earth can be represented by square shapes or anything in earth-tone colors, whereas metal picture frames or round shapes bring the elemental energy of metal, known for planning and organization. Black elements, like a file cabinet, or even irregular shapes can represent water and it’s critical communication aspects. You could also add one of these from indoorfountainpros.com or one of these to create the water element.

Your office needs to support you in visible ways, but also invisible ones. When you apply Feng Shui consciously, you’ll see payoffs now and in your financial future.

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