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Best office solution for sole traders 

Best office solution for sole traders 
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There is no doubt that your company must determine the address of your head office. Which is the place where power is exercised and where decisions are made. Today, the sole trader business address may be different from the address where the company operates. In today’s world, there are services like Hoxton Mix that can help you find a virtual office in one click!

This address will be shown on the company’s website and in all official documents related to it (corporate status, invoice, contract, etc.), moreover, all letters will be sent to this address.  Indeed, this is where your mailbox will also be.

However, you will still be able to select a mail forwarding address. Thus, your customers, suppliers or business partners will be able to send letters and packages to your virtual office. And the administration of this office will forward this mail to you.

It is important to carefully approach the choice of address because depending on the chosen place, it will direct the image of the society.

Why do sole traders choose virtual offices?

Nowadays remote work offers several benefits for many self-employed people and sole traders. Starting with a significant reduction in workload in the absence of commercial leases. Business Virtual Addresses are services increasingly requested by entrepreneurs. They offer a real advantage over a personal address.

Take advantage of a professional image! Virtual business addresses are usually located in the city centre or a commercial area. In many cases, displaying a virtual address in a recognizable location gives a more professional image than in a residential area.

Every time a prospect or potential client sees your address, you have an opportunity to build that trust and trust in yourself. It is important to note that changing the address of the main office does not happen automatically. You will need to change your company registration and declare a new address in your Business Clearance Center.

For example, if you send a newsletter to your clients via email, then the law requires you to provide your tax address. Beyond this obligation, customers tend to trust companies with a physical address more than those that do not list their location.

In addition to providing you with a work address, many services, such as Hoxton mix, offer their customers the option of using workspaces and meeting rooms. Some of them also provide reception for your clients.

The possibility of booking a conference room can be included in your virtual office address or as an additional option in your contract. If you need to meet with clients from time to time and prefer to be away from home. This is a more economical solution than booking a meeting space elsewhere as you usually get a discount or special price.

Can I register a company at my home address?

You need to understand that to register a business at your home address, you need to go through the entire procedure of a company with the help of this site at your place of residence. Which has advantages and disadvantages. In this case, the company is not physically present at that address and it will only serve as its head office.

Then it is obligatory to conclude a residence contract with the company in the place of residence with the approval of the prefecture. Indicating the duration of the contract and the obligations of the parties.

If you choose a virtual office, then your interest lies in maintaining the brand image of the company by maintaining a prestigious address. Not the one where the company’s activities take place.

Moreover, if you choose a virtual office, then you can expect to have access to services such as virtual office, office rental, conference room rental, and provision of your mail or coworking space.  It’s very beneficial! Indeed, renting a space will allow you to host your clients better than ever.

There is no doubt that when an entrepreneur decides to start a business. He/she may, for financial reasons, register the business at a personal address. By choosing this option, he/she mixes his personal and professional life.

Indeed, when setting up a company, the law requires that you indicate the address of the company’s head office on all documents:

  •  Invoices;
  •  Quotes;
  •  Treaties;
  •  Applications.

All customers, suppliers and future partners of the company will know this address. Thus, these future clients can come to your private home at any time. That is why it is important to carefully choose the place of registration of the company.

Even if you do your work from home, thanks to a commercial virtual office, you can:

  • Separate your personal and professional life;
  • Use the equipped premises to receive your clients;
  • Have a telephone switch;
  • Get mail management.

With the virtual office service, you have the opportunity to choose a prestigious address to host your company. Let’s take the capital of the United Kingdom as an example. London, thanks to its business districts, will give you visibility through its prestigious image as well as credibility.

Please note that your future clients and partners will be aware of this address. This will become an asset that cannot be neglected to appease them.

Disadvantages of a virtual office for sole traders

If you decide to choose a different place of residence from where you operate, this may result in additional travel expenses.

In this case, when these two locations are different, you will need to travel for possible meetings with your future clients. This way, you can move around more easily thanks to the metro or taxi.

A virtual address does not allow you to have an office that belongs to you. As you understand, this can be a workspace that you share with other companies (coworking, business incubators).

This can lead to a lack of freedom that will impact your organization as your schedule will have to sync with other people who use the same space.

However, all these disadvantages are not very significant, choosing a virtual address is a more profitable solution for small and medium-sized businesses.

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