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Learn about the 5 most common causes of data loss

Data loss is a common problem for everyone. Around 96 percent of companies that experience data loss fail to recover them. Individuals like us also have a lot to lose with data loss. Private chats, confidential information, personal images can go lost in this process. So, naturally, it is detrimental to our overall reputation. 

The question is not why it occurs, but how it happens. So, today we are going to help you unleash the five most common causes of data loss. Hopefully, it will help you keep an eye out for any data mishap that you might encounter in the future. 

1. Viruses and malware 

 Viruses and malware are two of the common causes of data loss. If you do not have an anti-virus installed on your device, it can expose your computer to several risks. Sometimes, this may also occur when your anti-virus has expired. Many people also face this issue when they fail to update their anti-virus daily. So, you have to make sure that you are up-to-date with your software to combat such hindrances. 

2. Device theft 

 Stolen or lost devices are another primary cause of data loss. If you have any confidential information stored in your electronic device, you have to be careful. Any carelessness can result in the loss of data permanently. Such problems are most common in workplaces where data is generally lost or stolen. In that case, you must always have a back-up of all your data to make sure they stay safe with you. 

3. Hard drive format 

 Many-a-times, people accidentally format the hard drives that instantly make them lose all their device data. Such a thing is a potential risk in most workplaces where data is stored safely. Employees often tend to do this as well when they fail to understand prompts or error messages. So, you have to be vigilant about that. 

4. Unexpected shutdowns 

 Many times we do not realize what a corrupted software can do to our confidential data. Consistent unexpected shutdowns can slowly consume your device’s mental state and lead to several data losses instantly. One of the best ways to overcome this problem is to keep saving data as you complete them. With this process, you can preserve some amount of data, if not all of it. So, you can fix problems during unexpected shutdowns. Something is always better than nothing! 

5. Hackers and cyber-crimes 

 Cyber-crime is fast-pacing today. Easy passwords and unsecured devices can allow hackers to penetrate your account within no time. As a result, they get exposed to using your data at their comfort that can instantly result in data loss. Moreover, it can put your reputation at a greater risk than ever. 

The bottom line 

 With the increase in cyber-crimes, it is essential to make room for data recovery instantly which is why you should stay in touch with top local professionals who provide reliable data recovery services. Such a thing will help prevent any data loss from occurring on time. So, why keep waiting for anything, anymore?

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