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Magically marketing with messenger

If you’re looking to increase your revenue when it comes to marketing online, you can look at one platform that you can market on now more than ever, and that’s Facebook Messenger. By utilizing a social media chat messaging system which has nearly everyone attached to it, you can see why this is beneficial.

By the year 2022, it’s even estimated that nearly every business in the world will be using a chatbot on their Facebook Messenger platform as well, rather than just using regular contact methods to reach them. In this guide we’ll tell you how you can magically market with Facebook Messenger and utilize numerous tools that can integrate together to work at getting your business as automated as possible, which will greatly help you in your endeavors.

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Using a Chatbot

Using a chatbot like ManyChat, you can fully integrate automation into your Facebook Messenger itself. You can sign up for it for free or you can go Pro and get a ton of more features (including SMS text messaging and e-mail marketing integration), and this can give you some of the best tools to help build custom responses for customers. It’s not just a regular old chatbot with text responses either – you can utilize things like animated GIF’s, emoticons, and more to build a personality for your bot to make it seem more human., which will give you better customer experiences as well.

These bots are fully customizable to your business, and you can create numerous responses to make your chatbot work as a full-on virtual assistant, technical support agent, and even integrate things like Facebook Ads and other advertising platforms to drop suggestive product placements and more.

Professional Management Systems

Using a system like Marketer Magic, you can integrate things like e-mail marketing, as well as use link shorteners and even manage time with virtual assistants and team members by using the WorkHub application within the web-based software. Not only that, but as a marketer, finding leads is important, so it’s crucial that you have a tool that can help you do this. With the ManyLeads platform, you can literally search for a business category (like podiatrist for example), and it will throw out thousands of results so you can find potential lead customers and send them e-mail proposals.

Custom Automation CSM

Using a software web application like Zapier, you can fully integrate your numerous platforms, from Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and more, including your chatbot, e-mail marketing campaign, and even your other avenues to utilize full automation. Want to automatically broadcast your new blog post to various social media types, as well as e-mail your customers of your newly found writing? Simply program it in, and add the automation so that you can notify millions of people at once by using a product like Zapier.

Conclusion: On a Special Note

One awesome thing about all of this is that while we use the term “program” for your chatbot, marketing campaign automation and more, using these platforms, you really don’t have to know any programming at all. It’s simply a term meaning to set certain settings in order to make the platforms do all of the heavy lifting for you.

You may need special training, and the important part is that you pay the right people for a course if you choose to do so. Smart Bot Marketers offers custom training courses for all of these platforms, as well as extensive premium tutorials for its members for a very reasonable price compared to what you would pay anyone else to train you.

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