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Types of Cannabis Seeds and Why Choose Cuttings Over Homegrown’s Seeds

Nowadays, farmers are battling with climate change and many problems; hence they blindly rely on scientists and seed banks to produce improved and high-quality seeds to help salvage the situation. Luckily for cannabis farming, Homegrown Cannabis Co is there for you! They sell high-quality, certified, and carefully selected seeds; any farmer will yearn to have them. Why cannabis seeds?

Cannabis has two propagation methods;

  1. Seeds

A seed is basically defined as a unit of production from a flowering plant. And in cannabis plants, the seed is also used to raise new plants. In recent years, the cultivation of cannabis has increased due to the availability of a variety of quality seeds.  Homegrown Cannabis Co has three major categories of cannabis seeds to suit every farmer’s needs;

  • Feminized seeds

Feminized seeds are a result of a scientific process that involves removing the male chromosome from the seeds to raise only female plants. This process is one of the greatest scientific marvels that many cannabis farmers rejoice in. Even though the seeds are produced inside a laboratory, careful selection is required in order to assure farmers’ high germination percentage. And Homegrown Cannabis Co has mastered the technique of cautiously selecting seeds!

Compared to male plants, the female plant from feminized seeds has the highest quantity of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) – the principal psychoactive element in cannabis responsible for cannabis effects and many more advantages.

  • auto flower seeds

Auto-flowering seeds are one of the best seed categories a cannabis farmer can entrust his faith and finance on. Autoflowering seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co have earned their reputation through fast germination and are the easiest to grow. Auto seeds are the best to grow in indoor confinements.

Auto-flowering seeds take a shorter time to mature, and they are completely independent of light wavelength to mature. Hence, they pay farmers patience within a few months.

  • The shorter the maturity time, the more profitable a crop is, and auto flower seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co have proven that severally.
  • How many seasons are you planning to plant your cannabis per year? Try auto-flower seeds; their shorter maturity gives a farmer enough time to plant multiple seasons.
  • Once again, auto-flowering cannabis seeds are best suited for greenhouses and indoor farms because they produce smaller crops compared to other cannabis strains which grow into huge bushes. Their smaller nature allows it to fit into tinny rooms and does give a farmer crop management problems like pruning.
  • Sometimes you are forced to abide by health regulations and family protection rules, and in both cases, children should be kept out of cannabis harm’s way. But children’s curiosity won’t prevent them from spotting your cool cannabis plantation! However, you are only left with one option; planting a disguising and smaller cannabis tree, which can hide in other crops like tomatoes.
  • Suppose you are living in an area experiencing abnormal light schedules, plant Homegrown Cannabis Co auto flower cannabis seeds! It does not depend on light cycles; that is why it earns its name auto flower- it flowers automatically.
  • Every farmer somewhere is either fighting diseases or pests, and if either of them lands on your weak crops, it will leave behind a trail of catastrophic destruction! Thanks to Homegrown auto flower seeds, they are resistant to pests and diseases.
  • High THC seeds

High-THC seeds are loaded with premium components every cannabis farmer is looking for. THC is what makes you feel high and good! The higher the THC, the more, the more the quality of the smoke and vice versa!

Homegrown Cannabis Co high THC seeds have the Highest THC concentration, and planting them assures you will enjoy the crop. These seeds germinate into a strong plant with potent effects from one puff! Homegrown has an assortment of high-THC seeds that you can select from and plant in your backyard.

Above all, Homegrown offers farmers the most competitive price for all high-quality cannabis seeds. Even inexperienced farmers are allowed to bring to light their skills by choosing the best seeds at a low price.

  • Cuttings

Cannabis cuttings are the second option to propagate your crops. But after having an in-depth analysis of Homegrown’s cannabis seeds, do you even need cuttings? Using cannabis cuttings will not only kill your passion but also will leave your agricultural cash reserves empty. Let me show why you don’t need cuttings;

  1. Cuttings bear diseases and pest

One foolish way to introduce cannabis thrips onto your farm is by using cuttings. Cuttings are pest and disease vectors; they can carry all stages of pests onto your farm without you noticing, and within the next few weeks, you will be facing a formidable cannabis killer that will destroy your farm in a matter of hours.

High-quality cannabis seeds are treated with pesticides; hence anybody using them is guaranteed a safe crop free from pests and diseases.

  • Cuttings raise weak plants

Every farmer envies vibrant and healthy plants, and to achieve that, you must not gamble with cuttings. Instead, go for Homegrown Cannabis Co; you will find high-quality seeds at a reasonable price that will yield healthy plants.

  • Cuttings limit your yields

There is no way you will use the cuttings and expect good yields! Regardless of your motive for growing cannabis, you will want to have a decent- size harvest from your plants. Choosing seeds over cuttings will help you raise healthy plants that will produce high yields.

  • Cuttings are so bulky compared to seeds

All commercial cannabis farmers will liaise with me that cuttings are indeed bulky to carry from the source to your farm. Furthermore, you will need manual labour to harvest the cuttings before you transport them to the farm. Why burden yourself with long and costly procedures?

Homegrown Cannabis Co offers you a beneficial solution; they avail high-quality seeds at your disposal! You will require to state which seeds type you need, and all the rest will sort out them! Please visit the Homegrown Cannabis Co website and enjoy exciting offers!

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