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What Do You Mean By Vancouver Mobile Weed Delivery?

We are witnessing the revolution of the cannabis industry. Weed is being legalized all across the world, decriminalized, and approved for medical use. Society has turned its view on cannabis, and there is no longer a stigma on the plant.

There is also more and more research on marijuana each day. We’ve discovered a lot of medical benefits that cannabis offers. All of this has produced many new offers for consumers. One of those brand-new services that have quickly kicked off is Vancouver weed delivery.

Since weed is legal in all of Canada, it was a matter of time before it reached Vancouver. Mobile weed delivery is brand new, and a lot of people still haven’t heard about it. We are here to give you some useful information.

Mobile delivery explained

Mobile delivery is not buying weed via mobile phone (although it can be). It refers to weed delivery services to your address. Simply put, now you can order weed in Vancouver the same way you would order pizza. Customers order their deliveries online via websites just like in any other online store.

The whole process is simple, quick, and easy. These businesses have been legalized in the entire country. Retailers in British Columbia have asked for the government’s permission to establish this business model in 2020.

Luckily, the government has allowed this, and anyone age 21 or older can use these services. The goal was to modernize the whole weed market in Canada while removing illegal dealers that offered deliveries up until then.

Lower prices for everyone and higher profits

This new business model has seen tremendous growth in a short period. After all, who doesn’t want their weed to be delivered to them at their doorstep? But there is another reason why these services are booming.

First of all, they are easy to set up in terms of logistics. Service providers don’t need a store where they can sell their products. Instead, everything is in a warehouse from which packages are delivered directly to customers. That means lower operational costs and taxes.

Cannabis vendors can make a lot more money this way. Another reason for this is that they can lower down their prices and be highly competitive. Each weed lover wants to save up as much as possible and get their bus without any hassle.

How to order weed delivery services

Weed delivery services are available to both recreational and medical users. If you have a medical prescription card, you can use it to buy products cheaper. On the other hand, if you are just looking to enjoy yourself, there’s nothing you need except being 21 or older.

The whole process is the same as when making any other online purchase. You have to visit the site, add products you want to your cart, add your personal information, choose a payment method, and order. It takes a couple of minutes to place your order.

Some weed delivery services also have phone numbers you can call and give them all your information there. Bear in mind that the delivery service will sell you products if you don’t have a valid ID proving that you are of legal age to use marijuana.

Benefits of mobile weed delivery

It’s a fantastic service, and people are going crazy about it. Apart from lower prices, here are the other benefits that have made weed delivery so popular:

Easy access

Finally, there’s no need to go out, look for dealers or dispensaries located all away across town. You can order everything online and get your weed delivered the same day. It’s simply every pothead’s dream, and people love it. Simply do whatever you do, and your product will come to your address.

Utmost privacy

Lots of people have issues with going to a dispensary to buy cannabis products. With mobile deliveries, this is no longer an issue. Simply order online and pick it up from the courier. Nobody will know you’ve purchased it.

It helps people with limited movement

Many people use mobile delivery to buy medical marijuana due to pain or any other issues that make it difficult for them to go outside. There’s no need to torture yourself and try to go to the dispensary or ask someone to do a pick-up for you.


When we say Vancouver mobile weed delivery, we mean business. It is a serious upgrade that is a testament to the way the cannabis industry is developing. Legalization and legislation have made things a lot better, and we expect cannabis users to finally be on the same level as other goods users.


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